August 16th, 2007

troll dweomer

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closing my eyes, everything goes black & blue; even the colours when i push on my eyes never get out of the violets & indigos. i have been trying to look up information on the colours you see when you rub your eyes & all i can find it the irlen test for autism. physical retinal stimulation, but mostly i think i'm hovering, in life, as a rule, at phosphenes & blue field entoptic phenomenon. if i look at anything for too long it dissolves into layers of squiggles. but then, i live a life caged in a glass coffin, & only starlight can reach its hand through to me; this is nothing new. floating in the iron & darkness, watching everyone on television.

monday i went from the salt-mines (collecting neutrinos) to carla's (built on land added to manhattan). i was fairly exhausted, but thought it likely that odds were likely i would be going there anyhow later to pick up jenny. i spent a chunk of the evening talking to carla's subletter, who seemed shocked & amazed that an american would know anything about india & hinduism. i know things, though. other than that, it has been jenny & i clinging tight to each other & trying not to get lost. feeling rubbed down like the eraser at the end of a pencil.
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kiki strike: inside the shadow city by kirsten miller.

jenny positively glowed her recommendation to me over the optical telegram network, so i knew that reading this was just a matter of time. eventually, bits of memorabilia related to the book started filtering in; a portfolio book by the cover artist, photography books about the new york underworld, that sort of thing. when we were buying books the other day she said "if i get this used galley copy of kiki strike to match my galley copy of the sequel, will you read it?" & i said of course. so i did & i quite liked it. there were moments when it was a little too heavily peppered with the word terrorist but it soon abandoned that for a proper villain. i liked the conceit of the chapters, as well, with a little "how to" at the end of each, & the heavily broken up paragraphs. really, you know who i think would like this? disfigurine, & anyone else who likes that nancy drew sort of easy action.
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