July 30th, 2007

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rokugan by green ronin press.

hey! i was surprised by what a good book this is. green ronin is sometimes hit or miss, but this is solid gold. what really impressed me were the classes, both base & prestige. first, the old samurai, which is just so much better than the wreck presenting in complete warrior. i don't know if there is an ownership thing going on there? but the samurai is rokugan is just all kinds of minimalist craft with precisely pinched in spice. the ninja is okay but less gorgeous. the prestige classes are all pretty much what i want from a prestige class: a few good powers, & then a bunch of junk powers thrown in so that you get something flavourful every level. "you can make an extra attack of opportunity against a creature with the shadowlands subtype." also known as basically wortless but really makes you seem like a tough little guy. just one of those rules mechanics that aids in storytelling, & this book is full of them. plus, i remember reading something in a rokugan book about nezumi scent-messages, & could never find the rules for that, & stared at my oriental adventures book kind of stupidly hoping i could. well, the rules are here, & thats just another nugget of gold in this old river-panners dish.
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beasts! edited by jacob covey.

this is mostly a book of pictures with very abbreviated monster descriptions, like a monster manual for people who like hipster art. i kind of like hipster art sometimes, despite itself, so i don't mind having picked this up. the stand-outs, or at least the ones i marked, were aries, by deth p. sun; kukuweaq, by tyler stout; loathly worm, by scott templin; odontotyrannus, by kevin dart; puk, by alan mooers; sianach, by anders nilsen. those are at least the interesting ones with nice drawings: honorable mention for art goes to james jean's succubus, seonna hong's unicorn, sam weber's vampire, & tom gauld's wizard's shackle.
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