July 26th, 2007


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what the fuck is the matter with humans? my specific quarrel today is with: the subway. how is the subway still a surprise to fucking people? "oh shit, there is a turnstyle here! i better stand in front of it & fumble with my sausage fingers in my purse for my metrocard! i wish i had known ahead of time that i would need my metrocard, but they are so mysterious about things! i thought i might ride on the fantasy unicorn train that doesn't cost anything!" & even worse are the leisure walkers. there is a train at the bottom of the fucking stairs you fucking idiot, stop walking in the middle of the path with your hands in your pockets! if you arn't going to hurry, at least get to one fucking side! & don't fucking stop on the other side of the turnstyle to put your metrocard away! you may not understand the concept of a bottleneck, but that is because everytime there is one, it is you!. fucking idiots. anyhow, my vitrol is somewhat quenched since my store was just over-run by a bunch of kids who seemed, for all their semi-annoying kid-ness ("oh, this book is about animals having sex! this one is titled 'why men love bitches!") they seemed to actually like books, & plus were so charmingly multi-cultural (kid in a haile selassie t-shirt?) that it was kind of fun.
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also i heart the ads for the new metal men series.

iron man: civil war by gage, haun, knauf, zircher, bendis, maleev.

i'd read a few of these in issue form, & really, whatever. the whole civil war event was such a huge failure in my eyes that it is hard to really come up with individual opinions. yeah, you know what, fuck even trying. i'm sitting here flipping through it trying to come up with something, anything, to say about it, but i've got nothing. civil war was a cheap stunt full of transparent rhetoric. i am okay with iron man turning into the more authorityish superhero in the marvel universe, because i think there is room for it, but other than as a vehicle to revamp his character, the whole thing leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

i'd also like to use this moment to talk about some of this wednesday's comics. it seems fordmadoxfraud took the rest of his pile home, which means i probably shouldn't have borrowed as many as i did to take home. sorry fmf! it also means i'll probably be missing some opinions i couldn't share. how will you live! okay, let me give you the rundown.

walking dead. i like this in trade, hate it in issue. what is going on? who the fuck is fucking who? which scrawny guy is which? which midwest girl is who?

green arrow: year one. cute. but i didn't read the first one, so i'm not all that immersed in what diggle & jock are trying to do. i like green arrow though.

superman: the secret origin of superman's pal jimmy olson. again, a cute issue. i have mostly hated busiek's superman run, sorry to say, but when he gets a chance to gloss up some silver age stuff, he's back in his element.

the immortal iron fist. dude, this shit is fucking great. brubaker has some secret kung-fu resevoir that he's tapping, because this whole series has been really good. go on with your bad self, guys!

the amazing spider-man. did jms just not know about bendis' daredevil run? because um...having spidey take off his mask, beat up the kingpin, & then brag about how he just punked the kingpin & now everyone knows it? was a big deal there, making this issue kind of insulting, actually.

batman and vs. the legion of super-heroes. again, cute. i havn't been caught up by brave & the bold yet, but it is a fine, fun comic. i don't have any problems with it.

mystic arcana: black knight. i really like this mini-series. mostly i like the ian mcnee guy, & his arc. the black knight story is fine, whatever, but the frame has just been really well done. plus, nico is coming!

blue beetle. i guess the guy writing this now is one of the transformers scriptwriters? i like his sense of humor a lot, & i liked his inclusion of bruce wayne. i'm glad ford stuck with blue beetle, because i think it is finding a groove.

batman. issue #666! as if that wasn't enough. also, i found out that cortney's new roomate is drawing this comic? which is pretty cool. anyhow, i liked damien as the batman plenty well enough, though i have to admit to having a fondness for ibn al xu'ffasch as well.

countdown. every so often, it has something good in it; i liked this issue, but i can't remember what it was specifically that made me enjoy it. there was one thing in particular i think?

teen titans. "when amazons attack" is stupid, & it is ruining the things it touches. i sure like miss martian though.

buffy the vampire slayer: season eight. a weird aside; joss whedon says he wants to explore the medium a little, which is fine, but how about this? you use the medium, rather than using the medium as an excuse. a one-shot is fine, but it doesn't need to take up a slot in the release schedule.

world war hulk. another treading water issue, in which nothing happens, but the miek & rick jones thing wasn't clear to me until i was slapped in the face with it, which really made me a lot more open to the issue over-all. when was the last time rick jones mattered, though?

invincible. hey, for a second it looked like kirkman was going to drag himself out of the funk that this series has kind of been sinking into, but then at the last minute, he didn't. i really, really liked the monster splash-page though.
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magic as a psychological metaphor? well if the universe is partly or largely internal, you'll have a fine time coping with it that way. if you must. i still maintain that the only satisfying axiom to build a mytheopic logic from is the notion of Other, which serves certainly better than Self or Same, in that attempting to applying consistancy to a dynamic is only going to get you into trouble. but then, kingtycoon & i were having a wizard's duel on the subject & we ended up shutting down electricity to san francisco. these things happen i suppose.
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