July 25th, 2007


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captain america: red menace by brubaker, perkins, & epting.

i have continued to be leery of brubaker's captain america run. a big part of this is doubtless the fact that i want bucky to be dead. you can say what a good job he's done with the winter soldier, whatever-- i yearn for ye olde days when there was at least a couple of characters who were dead. anyhow, beyond that there is just...something missing. i can't really articulate what it is, & here is the weird thing about it: the flashback segment? with genuine faux retro art? i really liked. i mean, i really liked it: why isn't there a legends of captain america world war two (wwii) comic? i'd be interested in that, same as i was interested in those parts of this collection. i like the "bucky was stone cold," i like the "cap is super great," i like the "nick fury & the howlers are pretty cool too," i like the "red skull is relevent," i like...well, i like all of it a heck of a lot more than i like cross-i've-seen-tarantino-movies-bones & sin-i-am-juliette-lewis.
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