July 24th, 2007

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tenacious d & the pick of destiny would have been a whole lot better if the "Greatest Song in the World" had in fact been totally sweet. i mean, i know you can't force yourself to be brilliant & create a single to rival your other big single, but i really hoped (once i figured out where the movie was going) that they would. they didn't, though. crocodile tears! for a minute i thought the movie might join the ranks of the severly under-appreciated movies that jenny & i champion. the very first song? is pretty great. meatloaf plays jack black's dad & duets about the evils of rock & roll? then dio (on his poster) tells him to run away from home? that is pretty rock opera great. then later jack black gets beat up by...alex & his droogs? after that though, there isn't really any more brilliance, though it was funny enough i suppose. oddly enough, the problem with the film was the same problem x-files: fight the future had: it was just a two hour (2:00) long episode of the television show.
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ghost rider: vicious cycle by way, texeira, & saltares.

i don't know what prompted fordmadoxfraud to pick up a ghost rider issue a couple of wednesdays ago, but those of us who read it were pretty impressed, & completely out of the blue. the team doing it is apparently the same team that wrote during the 90s, which were not a good time for most comics, but heck, i'd be inclined to give the ghost rider comics from that time a peek: johnny blaze has the sort of 90s angst built into his character that makes me willing to accept that he might weather the grim-n'-gritty age pretty well- though it is under the relaunch curse, as it seems some daniel ketch was the spirit of vengence then. anyhow, enough of the history lesson! this is good comicbook stuff here. it rides the pop fable version of hell, with a tim-curry-from-legend devil & a "demon" who is for all intent & purposes slimer from the real ghostbusters cartoon, but? it works? yeah, don't give me that look, i know it sounds crazy, but there it is. basically the plot? & i know, i keep drawing parallels with other fiction, & not good fiction, but here we go again: the plot is basically jet li's the one, only in reverse. johnny blaze drags the devil out of hell! & the devil's soul is shattered into six hundred & sixty-six (666) pieces, & everytime one gets killed, the devil gets a little stronger, a little harder to kill-- & if the devil becomes complete, well then, he's gone & escaped hell, hasn't he? like i said, a very pop mythology version of the devil, but really, it works with ghost rider, & there are a few good silhoutte shots of the two of them? that really sell the pitch. it is prety breezy, with a much fewer words-per-panel count than a lot of the modern writers favor, so i say go ahead & flip through it. it is worth a shot.
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chore wars (http://www.chorewars.com/party.php?name=No+Hope+Park+Slope)

lately things have been all glass & tesla's crackling force, the old nyarlathotep side-show. the passionate fist raised against the backdrop of a black griffin, all feathers & sharp beak. i keep dreaming of a country whose borders are shaped like an anatomical heart. of the solar typhon turning to lambent night, of the starlit pylons at the end of space. of the seven tongued thing speaking in chorus beneath a crown of fire. the usual omens, the old gang back together again, never apart. but in the cracking egg, the last to hatch, & when it does, we'll know the pace of the dance will be picking up. dark shapes moving against jelly, vaseline bubbled around a razor blade, the distinct occluded by translucency. we've had our great fall, humpty dumpty, & now we're just waiting for you, all the king's horses & all the king's men.
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