July 11th, 2007


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camping was at 6,800 feet above sea level; the amount of difference that makes is impressive. jogging across the camp site would wind you; leaving your skin in direct sunlight led to swift burning, & you know, food cooked weird. the temperature up there ranged from 44 degrees fahrenheit to 101 degrees fahrenheit, & just over the ridge was a few acres of land that had been burned to a blackened crisp from a lightning strike-- & was still burning. we could smell it if the wind was right; just a few stumps smoldering, really. we were just up the hill from the black fork river; i did some fishing in there to no avail, & we caught about fifty crayfish/crawdads/crawfish & cooked them up. they are a bit of a hassle, what with the row & the gut, but i was getting okay by the time i got fed up.

i had gotten jenny "apples to apples" for her birthday, inspired by handstil, so that if things got boring we would have something to do; we did play it the first night & jenny's dad won by a slimmer margin that it seemed he would at the begining. there isn't a lot of "stuff" we did; we walked the burn, checked the crawdad traps, sort of hung out & "camped." there were a bunch of hummmingbirds around (oh huitzilopochtli!), & i heard coyote yipping one dawn, but other than seeing an antelope as we were driving, no real animal sightings. i tried to call & update this thing with a satellite phone, but that wasn't working out for whatever technical reason.

then last night after driving back we saw ratatouille which was okay, but didn't blow my mind or anything.

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the phoenix museum of history was very boring, so i only took one photo, to prove i'd been there.

also, i'll put some miscellaneous pictures here as well, because they have to go somewhere!

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