June 30th, 2007


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i get lost on the bus & by the time i make it to david's maggie is passed out & throwing up on the concrete stairs. so while james takes her home we watch the bionic woman trailer & the first third of the first superman movie. i less-than three krypton, possibly with more ardent fervor than i heart even the slayers from krull. or we could say that the black fortress & the fortress of solitude occupy the same spot; i'm a fan of reducing heuristics. along with neanderthals & aztec blood rituals. the glass of wine i poured david is going to waste so i'm two-fisting it with the gin by the time "smile time" rolls around on angel. sneaking corn on the cob! then we're waiting for the bus, & waiting & waiting; but the train is all compliant & immediate & i'm home by four. meanwhile the owners are sneaking into the store to drop off a brand-spanking-new computer for me.

today jenny is spacey & fussy, but i drag myself out of the crypt bed to escort her to vera wang to pick up a dress. a dress, not her dress; jenny's wedding dress is from betsey johnson & is hanging in our bedroom. & then we're coming home & then we're home, so now i'm making cupcakes. i still don't have any legs under me; my claws are scrabbling at the glass looking for purchase. wobbly; less a spider today & more a jellyfish. i still have my sting, you see, & these tired eyes. keep almost choking in my sleep until jenny saves me; claiming i'm just trying to conceal myself from the undead.
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sunset samurai


mentor high: the cardinals
kent state: the flashes
hunter college: the hawks
brooklyn college: the....bridges?
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