June 17th, 2007

goblin's grimace

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yesterday i went to connecticut to go kayaking down the housatonic river with fordmadoxfraud & the younger members of his family (& their friends). christine & joe were really the only ones of david's family i had met before, at least at any length: in particular the night that christine was drunk & flipping out that christopher kept calling her david's half-sister. a good time! i ended up meeting david & his brother matthew at flatbush ave. with bagels in tow, & we took off upwards. the drive was about two hours less than christine had (insanely) estimated, & the three of us were about an hour ahead of everyone else, so we stopped off at some pretty tall waterfalls called kent falls. i convinced david to climb them with me, which was pretty fun, except i fell off about a ten foot drop at one point. i slid most the way & did a hand-slap to diffuse most of the kinetic energy, but i still scraped by left hand a little.

getting kayak'ed took forever; everyone finally met up & got hot dogs & waited & waited. we were scheduled to get there at 10:15, leave at 10:45 but we didn't roll out till 11:30, which might not seem like long, but when you are stuck in the sun, anxious to get moving, it is. ricko tried to stop her, but christine kicked up a bit of a fuss. our group was fifteen strong, so we kind of took over the joint. i'm not going to go over everyone involved, because names were flying fast & furious, but everyone was pretty cool. eventually the kayaks were packed up & the other groups that had delayed us were ready to go, so we boarded their vans & took off to the disembarkment point.

right off the bat, i flipped over. i think i was in the tiniest of all the kayaks, though. anyhow, right after the first rapids, i looked behind me to see how everyone was doing & whoosh. splash. my first littering of the night: my bandaid was missing! anyhow, after that i was pretty clear on the whole "kayaking" thing & wasn't really in danger of flipping again. the front runners of the pack at first were me, david, matthew, & joseph. presently it was decided that we'd pull our boats up the narrow, muddy banks of the river & swim. take note! even after that dunk, i reapplied sunscreen! we kept moving & the forerunners became me, david, cathy, & brian. we went on like that for the longest time. the whole trip was ten miles & took about four hours, so time is going to collapse here a little. the river was pretty shallow that day, so the biggest pain in the ass was that we kept scraping on rocks & getting stuck. the second stop was after i found a deep part of the river with a tarzan rope hanging on the bank. a bunch of us stopped to swing on it (& it was a good swing, too- the beach was rocky, but pulled away to deep almost immediately, & the swing was maybe fifteen feet above the surface) & that is how we fell into last, instead of first. myself, david, brian, & ricko all stayed behind the longest trying to flip. or well, brian tried, ricko succeeded, & david & i wern't even really trying, just swinging. then it was away to finish the last leg. & oh, after this swim, there was no suntan lotion left. oops. also, i polluted again: going over a rapid, my water bottle was lost. when we got back & showered, i was a bit of a mess: i hadn't realized that "dry clothes" didn't have to be gross clothes, & brought all torn up, faded ill-fitting stuff. oh well!

after the trip, we had time to kill till our dinner reservations were up, so we went back to kent falls. we didn't climb 'em this time, but we did follow the path to the top & then climb out onto the rocky heights for a photo op. after that, we figured we'd just go to the bar-b-que joint & wait at the bar until our table was ready, & that is what we did. my initial plans were going to be to abstain, but the twin factors of a) having kayaked all day & b) being with the morans made that plan clearly impractical. so we all got pre-toasted on the house brew. someone was saying that brooklyn lager has been sort of branding various microbrews to bring them under their umbrella? because the cookhouse ale's tap had the little "B" at the top. interesting, anyhow. the food was...copious. i got the pulled pork, the horseradish mashed potatoes, & creamed spinach, & split an appetizer of hushpuppies. since i'm a bit of a social chameleon, i got pulled into the whirlpool of the moran foodsplosion. first off, david & joseph both finished a full rack of ribs & both of their sides. david tried to be fair & conceded that i had eated a ton of bread, but whatever. basically the whole table of us were drunken pigs. oink.

the ride home was mostly me dozing off, which you'll have to go a long way to see. i don't usually. but the cold coming in from matthew's window & the too-much food in my stomach (i didn't finish all my potatoes, but still) & the whirring scenery lulled me off to drowsiness. either that, or i was pelted with elf shot. when i came home it was all i could do to check my email & hanging up my wet clothes before falling asleep until eleven.
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