June 13th, 2007

thousand yard drink

did you know i live in the kingdom of keoland? i just found out.

i'm sleepy, hung-over, & slap-happy! i just spent the last ten minutes narrating maggie & james' eating of breakfast: "mmm, that lamb once lived & loved. delicious! smash it up with your teeth so it is easier to turn it into poop. yum, yum. your saliva is disintegrating the carbohydrates in your mouth: think of it this way! the inside of your mouth is both inside your body, & yet not entirely inside your body. like a wound." et cetera. i'm basically useless today! maggie keeps telling me to go back to my den. i'm in my den!

last night was a failed attempt to do museum mile. theoretically all of the museums along the part were going to be free, & have street fairs, & be a garden of delights in which to serpent yourself, but instead it rained like the dickens. marley dragged his chain this day! david & danielle were not having any part of the downpour, even though they were safely ensonced under umbrellas. wet denim is danielle's least favorite thing! so we bailed to drink a liter of beer, then swooped down to get arepas & empendadas. that sounds pretty easy, but it wasn't! there was table swapping, & bar-standing, & sneaking into burp castle for a round, & not getting served, & petting a dog, & all kinds of misadventure. we walked down to chinatown afterwords to get danielle's keys from her manager ("i saw your boobs!") & then to carla's to meet jenny (& carla & robert). there was a pretty serious chatback game in effect, & i think the final score came out to be tied? anyhow, the end of the evening basically sucked since we had to walk home from atlantic & jenny kept telling me i smelled like fried food! fucking empenadas! only in my head, i hear empanyadas, because of "the young romance play."
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