June 11th, 2007

goblin king

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bailed on work early to burn off some over-time from last week; came home, bickered with a prickly jenny (i thought i'd allotted enough time for her personal bubble!) & hit the gym. jenny is a lot more comfortable in her skin, & while i am significantly more, i'm still not near any practical point, & that is after i run a dotted line down the issue & scribble dismorphic personification on it (well, that isn't what i scribble on it: i throw down some angelic script on it in a seal & send maledictions skywards). anyhow, jenny is cooking some chow, & i've been workshopping some boss fight stuff for my campaign all day, so i shouldn't really be complaining. oh & last night i had a dream about how darth vader was a cool dude to have on your side, if you were a fighter pilot, then in the dream chikako told me her boyfriend was bisexual! i was like....okay?
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    crown me king feat beezil- basically i'm obsessed with unico