June 5th, 2007

rose code

executions bring may flowers.

when in doubt, talk about media. last night i saw knocked up, based on the positively glowing reviews my peanut gallery had been giving it. i won't deny it was very, very funny, but it had some virtues that turn me off, based mostly on my own sociopathy. the sort of flaws that dim as the situation recedes into the past. i just don't like retarded emotional collisions on screen. in real life, i am filled with the mirth of malice when such disasters erupt, but the tension on screen makes me uncomfortable. cut from the same cloth as children of men, where i just felt gypped by the brain-hacking of strobing lights, crying babies, jangling music, gritty landscape shots. in the end analysis, i feel pretty similar to the movie as i did to freaks & geeks, which i remember fondly, but was filled with moments that left me feeling sour-skinned. i want to see the triumph of the dnd geek, guys, not the discomfort. it helps that those traumas were not the issues of my childhood-- did i have issues in childhood? i suppose i must have. huh.

since television is going to be terrible for the next year, lets have a mournful moment of silence. seriously, there isn't going to be any battlestar galactica till next year, & that will be its last season. gilmore girls came to as satisfying a conclusion as it was going to (thank you lauren graham, thank you). lost is out for another year, right? same with heroes. maybe those two are coming back in the fall, but until then it is just one big wasteland of television. even low-brow entertainment is slim-pickings: hell's kitchen & the simple life, & the latter has gotten to be pretty rotten, though you know me: go team paris.

which leaves plenty of time for books. the only real downside of which is that jenny & i can't read as a cuddle team; laying in bed together doesn't quite cut the mustard. if you've seen her get into her own groove before, you know how futile it can be to try to engage her out of that. she sinks into her adorable, prickly shell, & clams up tight. my reading? has been pretty scattered. seeing redd is a disappointment. on reflection, it should seem obvious that the "alternate alice in wonderland" premise is really only good for one book, not a trilogy. as is my wont, i've been peppering in a fair amount of gaming stuff. complete champion came out & i guess....yawn? here is where wizards & i have been parting company: they've been leaning heavy on the microcampaign content. maybe for a lot of readers, that is what they are looking for, but i don't want details on a specific cult of pelor. i want some content i can file the serial numbers off of & use in my solar deity church. i don't need to know about the history of the circle of green grocers. just give me some rough cuts, & i'm good to go. they were doing a great job seperating them for a while there: the complete... series was chock-full of feats, prestige classes, widgets & doodads, all the tiny little nuts & bolts i'm looking for as a dungeon master. then if they came out with a campaign detail book, i just didn't get it. no harm to the guys who did get it, no foul to me if i didn't. unfortunately, it seems those days may be waning.

on the plus side, i've probably only get two sessions left in my d20 oubliette game. which means that operation: WoD oubliette can take off in full swing soon. i'm planning on taking the summer, or at least the first part of it, off for a little battery recharge. ran that campaign for two years, feel i'm pretty due. & the white wolf products i've been sampling, i've been picking up. even books that seem like they are filled with campaign content (exempli gratia vampire: mythologies) i've been finding are filled with things meant to be pulled out, pulled apart, & put somewhere else. i still find fault with some of the decisions justin achilli might have made gutting the old world of darkness, but the end result of an open-ended, modular "anything goes" world of darkness is worth it, it is starting to seem.

oh, & in other media, the altador cup has begun!
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