June 3rd, 2007


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“You know what I wish? I wish that I was able to post a Live ___ I have my book my expo of America, yeah Jenny also wishes that. I have my book expo of America post all made my books obtained which I didn't get that much slug although I'm happy with the stuff I did get & I got a million pounds of catalogues, & then I have another 1 about all drilling platforms because what's better than all drilling platforms, they feature pretty prominently in a pretty foreign ___ game I ran & I wanna figure out if I can use them some more because it turns out I'm a little enchanted with them. Other than that, I've just been arguing on Wikipedia manual style about exceptional titles & how type setting should be presented in an article, for instance I think that house, in the first instance of house of leaves in the article should be with the ___ house in blue, the people disagree with me, I think that the textual ___ of the title is included in the body of the work of art & should be portrayed as such. Wikipedias manual style only has guide lines for trade marks not for titles. I think that maybe commercial ___ & works of art should be treated differently, other people think that that's a ridiculous opinion I think that they're all ridiculous.”

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mano negra

book expo of america edition!

books recently obtained:
beyond the spiderwick chronicles: the nixies song by holly black & tony diterlizzi.
seeing redd by frank beddor.
mouse guard: fall 1152 by david petersen.
confessions of a part-time sorceress by shelly mazzanoble.
hallowmere: in the serpent's coils by tiffany trent.
tolkien & the lord of the rings: a guide to middle-earth by colin duriez.
the orc king by r.a. salvatore.
a distant soil: coda by colleen doran.
ultimate spider-man: learning curve by brian michael bendis.
the amazing spider-man: revelations by j. michael straczynski.
spaceman blues by brian francis slattery.
the plain janes cecil castellucci & jim rugg.
the candy shop war by brandon mull.
blood eagle by robert barr smith.
tolteca by k. michael wright.

book expo wore me out, as the drill instructor from celebrity fit camp once threatened to do to screech. rise & shine (or rise & apollyon, in my case) happened at 7:30, with just enough time for me to stir the kettle on the wikipedia discussion of colours in the titles of works of art, then into the belly of the beast we went, jenny & i, hand in hand, fingers entwined. i've never been to a professional convention, only hobby ones, so it was a horse of a different colour entirely. a whole 'nother flavour of shill! which was occasionally uncomfortable, when i acted in an official capacity, as i was wearing another guy's badge. oh yeah, i hacked my way into bea through the mafioso connections of fordmadoxfraud, not the the information on my badge was incorrect other than the name. the owners didn't want to shell out for anyone but one guy to go. so other than slyly informing people to sign their autographs to "mordicai," instead of "chris" (laying my finger along side my nose & winking) there were only a few moments of awkward interaction.

as you can see from above, i made out like a bandit. i'm especially excited about confessions of a part-time sorceress, the nixie's song, mouse guard & seeing redd. the first has the explanatory subtitle a girl's guide to the dungeons & dragons game, which i hope to use to seduce some of the sci-fi & comics girls that come to our store into the hobby. the spiderwick book i'm pleased to have since i liked the first series so much (tony diterlizzi is my dude). mouse guard i only know buzz about, but it looks cool, which for a comic is half the battle. & of couse, seeing redd is the looking-glass wars sequel, which i'll probably dig into first.

far & away the best book in the place was the wizards of the coast booth, which shouldn't surprise anyone. they've got their convention mojo tighter than a swiss pocket-watch. they were also really great over there; i basically made it my default "meet me at..." location & couldn't have played a better hand. coffee, water, baked goods, friendly small-talk. not to shabby! also, the confessions of a... author was my pal. r.a. salvatore was also a nice fellow; i'm not crazy about his books, but i mentioned liking him giving an even-hand to the orcs (rather than the frankly racist caricatures they usually are), & that a professor at brooklyn college was using one of his books to teach, & he mentioned wanting to put in a teleconference appearance or something & gave me his contact info. if that happens i'll by the best textbook rep of all time. otherwise, eric mona of paizo, over at the diamond comics stand was a fucking star. he had smart things to say from both a gaming & professional stand point, & struck me as an over-all together guy.

i also bumped into terra, who you might remember from frequent appearances in my diary until she moved to atlanta & stopped returning my phone calls. we hugged & did the catch-up cant; it seemed she was up to date on the news, almost certainly through simon. she also mentioned that she had heard via him that i'm great in his plays? which was like, wow, it is weird that i havn't talked to terra in that long. it was nice to see her but i don't anticipate any change in our relationship, aka keeping in touch. i'm not grudging on it, though.

sometimes i have questions that i can only guess at, like: if the whole world went tits-up post-apocalyptic? reduced to the dark ages or stone age? how long would oil drilling platforms in the ocean stand for? not in workable condition (though of course that would be interesting to know too) but as creepy islands of steel cages? i imagine they are very sturdy, but fighting the ocean is a mug's game. it is even worse than the proverbial land war in asia. what a strange memorial for a proto-culture to leave though, right? the ur-race just left this island of hollow metal tubes jutting up defiantly into the heavens. it'd be great.
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