April 19th, 2007


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what the fuck. wizards of the coast has declined to license dragon & dungeon to paizo anymore, meaning that the subscription kromelizard & wolvus got me for x-mas is going to fall moot. remember when peter gave me a warduke mini in a lipstick box & then told me it was a secret what my present was? yeah, thats what it was, a dragon subscription. it had really started improving in content lately, too, since its last format change. phooey. peter then explained to me that the shock of paizo losing the license is equivalent to what actual human beings felt in response the virginia tech shootings. terrible! anyhow, the store credit that they're going to credit my account doesn't kick in till september, but i plan on getting the downer: wandering monster collection. i wanted that, so it isn't such a kick to the guts, but still. boo.
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