March 25th, 2007


the biting things.

couldn't stop with the same dream: an ocean of red blood, dotted with clots, wracked with typhons; above, streatching to the horizon, a firmament of the same. both of these two curtains of red were also filled with mile long strands of bicycle chain, whipped at hundred of mile an hour by the storms & the waves. my brain spent most of the night designing the perfect ship to traverse these seas, black & hunkered down, face & sides all gothic arches & grotesques.

yesterday during the day was a total fucking wash. i spent it in some weird minor torment, twisting around the apartment like the good old burning match simile. i guess i got a little bit of dungeons & dragons work done; i had to take a photograph of the thing i got gerd for his birthday (magic item) & i experimented with photoshop to fool around with what i got james. wrote up some stuff, watched some mythbusters, but in the end, really i didn't even wash the dishes. also, doing a photography project is always a lark for me; it reinforces the opinion i have of photography: it must be a valid form of art, because i sure can't do it.

books i've recently obtained:
lancea sanctum, by a team of white wolf writers.
promethean: the created, by a team of white wolf writers.
spectres: dark reflections, by richard watts & ben chessel.
pour l'amour et liberte, by a team of white wolf writers.
brother termite, by patricia anthony.

yeah, wow, that there is a lot of white wolf. i guess i must be pretty serious about converting my game to the white wolf system, especially since everyone i mention it to seems to agree. i will miss certain things about the old world of darkness system, like ratings for virtues& natures & demeanors, but the bulk of the rules changes seem to be well considered. i've already started giving myself a headache with things like how to use blood potency & blood points to simulate karnak blood sorcery (five blood points in the body, five in the heart?) & whether i want to codify a list of supernatural advantage stats (like blood sorcery, azoth, whatever) or run fast & loose with it. it is all pretty academic though, as i havn't even seen the werewolf or mage books yet. i guess what probably sealed the deal is the impending release of changeling. speak to me, alien nation!

eventually katja came over yesterday, which started putting things into a much better frame, & it wasn't fifteen minutes after she got here that jenny got home. we watched a little television (again, more mythbusters, another viewing of homeless james bond, & some vh1 special on internet superstars) & then decided to go get some hibatchi! which i think is far & away the most ironic thing that jenny & i do. i feel bad about it, but what am i supposed to do! we got one of their sushi specialty rolls this time, a pink lady, & it was pretty good. after dinner & a couple of bottles of sake, we split up for liquor runs & rejoined our snakey state at my apartment, this time with danielle. drink drink drink until we finish celebrity mole: hawaii, & then i walked the girls to the subway. because of the 5th avenue rapist. who is the guy they named the candy bar after. who i invented.
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once upon a time there was an alternative reality game called perplex city. now, i wasn't part of this at all-- in fact, i've never participated in any alternative reality game, not really. not with any gusto, i should say, because we've all followed links, right? but it takes a flick of a switch in the old brain-box to really become a participant. but the thing that i like about this perplex city is that there are a number of unsolved puzzles, even now, after the end of the game. some of them are kind of joke puzzles (like "prove the riemann hypothesis!") & some of them are just ugly brute ciphers, but one of them in particular tickled my tiny tiger-force, & i've been sort of chewing on it.

this is satoshi. the puzzle quite simply is: find this guy. which is, i think, a heckuva riddle. the best solution is a distributed one, which is the other neat thing about it. attacking as a community is really the only way to achieve any kind of result. there are websites devouted to it, a myspace, & a livejournal community (findsatoshi). one of sites even has a modest reward, & a plan for how to reward each person in the chain that find him. he's not trying to stay hidden, nor will he try to keep the puzzle "answer" secret...just finding the guy is the whole point of the exercise. & there have been pretty substantial finds in that direction. the photograph was taken in kayersberg, alsace, france as you can tell by comparing this photo to the background of satoshi's snapshot. that area was home to seijo college, which was where sony & ricoh would send japanese employees to train european employees, which makes it a good guess as to why satoshi was in the area. it is closed now though- so a bit of a dead end. where to go from there? well, as far as i'm concerned, research is just icing; reaching as many people as possible is probably the best way to go about solving things. i've half-jokingly mentioned it to some of the people i know who have been in japan lately, or are there now. just casting the net a little farther.