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Hecate & Odin, Icons of Scholomance.

("Triumph" by Kris Kuksi, photos by Terra & me. Details here, here & here.)

Yesterday Terra & I went to go see the Kris Kuksi exhibit at the Joshua Liner Gallery. Kuksi has got to be my favorite sculpter-- or do you call him a mixed media artist?-- & I've used photographs of his work in my Oubliette game as props. Plus, I bought his gorgeous book Divination & Delusion, so I think I've done my part as a "True Fan." Oh, & speaking of "True Fans," I wrote an article at about Order of the Stick's Kickstarter success, which came off nicely, I think. Anyhow, Terra & I had tried to go to the gallery on Monday, but it was closed-- that is what I get for not double checking the schedule-- so we had to go back on Tuesday, but it was well worth the walk over to Tenth Avenue. The physicality of the works in person are just incredible. I mean, just really, dang, lovely. I'm glad the weather has turned for the spring, so that we can go on more lunch break missions, though I'm still very sad we never got the winter we deserved. Then come the evening, Terra & I ran into Jenny on the street, & the three of us met up with Kat, Matt & Katy, Jocelyn & Brian & Max at a bar for drinks. We left Max there playing dice with some strangers, Terra headed upstate & the rest of us went back to Kat's for...crepes! It was a lovely little surprise of a day. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, though. Here are oodles of 'em.

("Hercules vs. Diana" by Kris Kuksi, photos by Mordicai & Terra.)

("Churchtank Type 11" by Kris Kuksi, photos by Terra & Mordicai. Another here.)

("Churchtank Type 9" by Kris Kuksi, photo by Terra.)

("Capricon Rising" by Kris Kuksi, photo by Terra. Details here & here.)

("David with Pride" by Kris Kuksi, photo by Mordicai. Details here & here.)

("Surrender of Helios" by Kris Kuksi, photo by Terra.)

("Triumph" & "Capricon Rising"by Kris Kuksi, photos by Terra.)
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