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X-37 Spacefighter & UFO 54-40. (35)

Love is Not Constantly Wondering if You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life by Zach Auburn & Sarah Miller.

Anne is drunk. Page 6:
You escape to Ultima
Or page 9: you fight.

Joe brought this to my attention, sending it my way because a special lady he's courting provided the illustrations. The art!? That was my favorite part! So here is the thing; this is told as a series of vignettes, strung together under the frame story of a "Choose Your Own Adventure." Loosely strung together; it can be read chronologically, & is meant to be, but because there are so many co-dependent cycles at play, if you follow the prompts at the bottom of the page-- "If you tell the other captives to follow you into the cave of the Ant-Warrior nutrient pools, turn to August 18, 2006. If you would rather have them follow you into the hall of discarded carapaces, turn to December 8, 2005"-- you can still uncover a fairly coherent tale. Unless you end up stuck at a time warp, like I did. Gadzooks, remember Inside Ufo 54-40, that "Choose Your Own Adventure" that you could only escape by cheating? & you know, now that you mention it, it isn't that unfamiliar a tale, though hopefully you didn't get it that bad. Gaming nerd & manic pixie dream girl? Yeah, I think I've heard that one before, yeah. Of course, my particular telling of that yarn didn't fall into a black chasm of alchoholism, just the usual early twenties foolishness, but it clicks. I get it. Especially towards the end when the meta-narrative of the Ant-Warriors starts intruding into the text, that really makes me feel like I'm twenty-two again. & I know I mentioned the art-- & yeah, it is my pal's girlfriend, so I wouldn't say I didn't like it even if I didn't, I'd just play mum-- but the illustration is just a perfect simulacrum of "Choose Your Own Adventure" art. The Ant-Warrior riding on a giant scorpion takes the cake, though the Ant-Mummy is up there, as is the Star Wars: A New Hope trash compactor & the Star Trek "THERE! ARE! FOUR! LIGHTS!" references.
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