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Magical Index. (34)

A Certain Scientific Railgun Volume Three by Kazuma Kamachi & Motoi Fuyukawa.

Metal ball bearing,
at constant speed & motion,
tiny juggernaut.

Like the rest of the A Certain Scientific Railgun series, these are at their best when there is brawling; I don't know how the division of labor between the author-- Kazuma Kamachi-- & the artist-- Motoi Fuyukawa-- break down, but however they divide it up, the fight scenes have a lot of kinetic energy & use the environment really well. The fact that everyone has a "science-y" sort of psychic power means that there are all manner of neat directions to take these sorts of things; in particular the eponymous "Railgun," Mikoto Misaka, has electro-magnetic powers, & much like Magneto, there is a lot that you can do with that. I mean, when that is your "timey-wimey" technobabble excuse, you can go all kinds of places. When the text starts flirting with the sapphic conventions of Yuri-- never embracing them but sort of spoofing them & teasing them-- it gets a little weird, for me. Sometimes it seems like it is dealing with the undercurrents of an all-girls environment, & the weird co-dependency it can evoke, but when it moves towards titilation I have to sort of back away slowly. Speaking of genre conventions-- I'm sad that I didn't know more about "light novels" when I was studying Japanese-- they apparently use furigana, the little notational hirigana over the kanji, which would have been a boon to my studies! A boon? To my studies, my bunkyo? Come on, that is a pretty good bi-lingual punning!

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