December 25th, 2006


rockapella- "the loot!"

."tar pit" ooze
.growing brain (needs a jar)
.alien abduction magnetic poetry
.more plastic spiders than you can shake a stick at
.power puff girls make-your-own soap
.naked picture of my girlfriend

gift phase one
.japanese insect pins
.remote controlled aeroplane
.knit cap
.a sonic toothbrush
.stained glass kanji character (?)
.the complete dungeons & dragons animated series
.arrested development seasons two & three
.1 night in paris celebrity sex tape & a "Team Paris" t-shirt.
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loot part two.

sans stocking
.ninja climbing claws (hands & feet)
.straight razor & shaving lessons
.absinthe glasses & a journal
.gojira dvd
.the man who laughs dvd
.the justice league unlimited dvds
.some kind of warduke themed surprise?
.an ian banks novel
.a fossilized ammonite
.astronaut blanket & ice cream.