December 12th, 2006

modern nazgul

cabaret girls (or: you be 13)

all rabbits in a shaken cage tonight for no good reason. i've been lightning on barren mountains & runes on black tree trunks. the devoured rattling at my ribs. i've been thrust up to a great height to see the gate of fire & jewels. empyreal & regal in black. i've struck the bolts from jove's hands. laughed at the tongue thrust between tusks. smashed harpsichords. been a storm without an eye. a name written in flesh. a spider in the ambrosia. dipped fish-hooks in ink & written upon the waters an epic by gaslight. wrapped up my fireplace poker collection in a carpet & tied it up with belts.

next week's celebrity paranormal project is going to be chris knight, adriane curry, & the bonaduces? fan-fucking-tastic.
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i swat seven.

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we like jenny. she played with carla tonight because she thought that i was going to shop at king's plaza with david, but we still love her. last night it turned out television sucked. it turns out television is going to suck for a while! so we watched vh1 podcasts for a while. then we started watching the wizard of oz & marveling that damn, when that shit went up? i mean. it must have been some major shit hitting the fan. like woah. then she pulled the first volume of alan moore's lost girls off the shelf, & that was a nice time. on the kitchen table. i really like my girlfriend. i'm mostly finished with her x-mas-ing, & theoretically, shopping with david should be the eight-ball of the year.

for a long time i was alone.
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