November 11th, 2006


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a lot of birthdays. or at least, i've been drinking. which, odds seem like. trance-walking though most areas of time. time these weird sink-holes that i have to fall in, find pieces of electronics to make a device to phone home with, then levitate out of. which finds its way into our NaNoWriMo novel. i had to go po-mo & call up the characters on the telephone. all my little homos. i'm a fucking genius for inventing H. zeta, i'll fucking tell you that. have kind of being slack since then, though. lately all i've wanted to do is sit at home with jenny, play neopets, & watch battlestar galactica. instead i've been a bit of a flicker. which, flames do. though i do like a nice social disease. today is a continuation; we've got tickets to see the upright citizens brigade & then it gets to be bernie's birthday. wait, what am i even talking about. everything a muddled after-thought.
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    crown me king- no more happy endings