October 29th, 2006


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do you think the mutagen from tmnt is like water on the utrom homeworld? like, t.c.r.i. just had a bunch of it because man, were those poor exiled bastards thirsty? because guys, water (on earth) is pretty freaky, with its weird water tension & the whole loop-de-loop where ice is less dense than water, despite being a solid. that would make some fucking alien-animal/alien combinations. i wonder what kind of shit they get up to then, to equate to being a ninja. being manhunters, i guess. you have to put a lot of thought into this. because otherwise all you will think about are your hands being knives. although lately i've been thinking about the pardal pantheon of gods, & the division of the cthonic & empyreal calendar. oh, tonight i hung out with andrew for a while, then went into manhattan to meet katja & uncle jeffrey; split up thereafter, because i was cruising for a crash. bang, smash! played myself a rum hand on the trains. so much for pheremones, worker ants! you fucking...fucks. you...you know what i'm talking about? knives for hands! anyhow, we started watching battlestar galactica finally. i really like the cylon basestars. & the slinking evil robot delusion. i'll take her over scorpio any day of the way, pizza & margaritas or no!
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