October 6th, 2006


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we've had two shows so far of ravenface's Jungle Woman of the Jungle! so far i think the first show went much better than the second, but that i personally was superior in the second show. the first gave me a chance to iron out some kinks, get used to delivering religious sermons in front of a crowd, that sort of thing. tonight will, with luck, be the synthesis of the two; a good show over-all with my performance as a shining jewel in its crown. the theater isn't that big, but it isn't embarassingly small or anything like that; it seats 40 comfortably, & we've had about that both nights. my costume is pretty ridiculous...ly awesome. it is hard to believe we're not even half-way through yet, but it is a true thing. the crowds the two nights so far have been complete opposites in what they thought was funny. i'm interested to see how tonight's audiance reacts.
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i swat seven.

"I am a heart-shaped clod of dirt."

lately i'm just floating in the brine, pickled in some rennisance exhibition of oddity. rarely even getting this chance to tap at the glass. some gloomy leyden jar-like apparatus harvesting dark sparks. eyeballs rolling in my head like black marbles, limbs little more than crookled tentacles. take that, peter pan! i'm a hideously deformed fetus, how about them apples. them bittersweet apples, safe on one side, poison on the other. how do you like them. crackle, crackle. war-on-heaven-twenty-four-seven.
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