May 29th, 2006


FACT: monkeys in spacesuits are sweet.

they brought a saucer of milk & honey still in its comb before the idol, in the hope that their journey through the long dark pass without the attentions of the demons of the third pale. their ship was one of the hebdomad, ancient & carved of black stone & oiled ash wood, older than all the cities of men. the idol struck them, & spat upon their faces. not the best of omens, though the cargo in the belly of the ship was perhaps the reason. when one shelters the followers of the black sutra, even the gods grow uneasy. even the organ music of its throat sang in a minor key, clammy winds blown across the severed wind-pipe as it screamed obscenities at them with noisless lips. they left, kowtowing, the temple virgins once more the deities only companions.
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goblin's grimace


so i'm a little bit frustrated. i spent a fair ammount of effort in getting jenny to be less stressed out. & it seems like it helped her out. instead of reaping the benefits of my dutiful boyfriendness, i get totally gyped. now that she's all relaxed & friendly, she went to williamsburg to hang out with other boys. & it is stupid & unreasonable to expect that she'd just, what? wait at home on her day off being bored? of course she went out to do things with her friends. but i think she wouldn't have wanted to hang out with anybody if she wasn't feeling a lot less tense. which i helped do! i don't know, i just feel screwed out of getting the nice girlfriend time that i invested effort in. i tended that garden man! sigh. just a fucking drag, right? she's been a pain in the ass, but she's my pain in the ass, dig? & it isn't so much a chore to take care of her, i'm not complaining about that. i sure like being there for her, getting all heroic. & after the field lies fallow, new crops are planted. but i'm missing the harvest! oh scowl. i'm off to manhattan then to see my ekat. which is nice in & of itself, but i was totally looking forward to a chance to spend time with a comfortable & relaxed girlfriend, which seems not to be in the cards.
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    oh scowl.