April 13th, 2006

modern nazgul

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Yo! Hey there, sweet gorgeous you. We havn't really sat down for a nice heart-to-heart in a long while...don't think that is about to change! Why don't I just give you a quick run down of what I've been up to. You can read between the lines, if you like. Maybe if you dress up in some fancy lingerie or something, I'll give you a little subtext. Okay? So we're agreed, my little doorknob. Also, don't touch my guns. I've left them on the nightstand next to the bed, all big black irons pouring blood out the barrel. Prick your finger on the spindle/hammer & you'll envy that sleeping lady, i'll tell you something! You keep your hands off of what don't belong to you, & maybe play me something nice on the piano, & I'll tell you what I've been up to.

Last night, before the big pajama party, David & I met up with Alicia & Peter at the comic book shop. I convinced everybody to stop by this Japanese place across the street from me that no one ever wants to be convinced into going to. So we went! This place called Sakura, which is also a sake bar. Anyhow, we played chinese checkers (...maybe. No one really knows the rules to chinese checkers, so we faked it) & the food was atrocious. You heard me. Like Atrocity. Like the things I'd do to you. If I was your lover, like Janet Jackson. Except, I am, so I guess I will. I'm rambling, sorry, right. Anyhow, after we left, everyone got mexican! So I guess that is a pretty big indictment of your restraunt, maybe. If people think it suck. When it does. Once that was over, David & Jenny & mordicai could have their pajama party. So we did.
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