February 25th, 2006


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Poll #679781 Drunk?

What is more symptomatic of being drunk?

Spilling wine on yourself.
Pouring wine on someone else.
I'll break your wrist!
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review of the new york city comic con: fuck the new york city comic con.

we got there after playing some phone tag with martak. jenny wasn't too keen on hanging out with him anyhow, since she didn't want comic book geeks talking over her head. pretty reasonable, i thought. anyhow, we didn't even get in! the event was so poorly executed? we asked about three people who worked there without getting a single clear answer- one of the guys just ruefully shook his head when we asked him about figuring out the pre-registered retailer check-in, saying "i have no idea man, sorry." anyhow, when we finally sorted things out, we had to split up to register differently (they didn't buy my retailer cred!) & i ended up standing in line, leaving line to fill out the paperwork i figured out on my own i needed to do, looked around for a doll's age to find the paperwork, no one knew which parts of the paperwork were for me to fill out & which they filled out...suffice to say, it was a whole run around, & apparently jenny was doing something similar. when i finally had stuff ready? they were sold out. at 11:00 am. come back in an hour or two when they release more tickets!

so we went to chipotle, then to k-mart, then came home. fuck you comic con!
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