February 19th, 2006

m-ouse ears.

the colossus at rhodes was the same size as the statue of liberty.

i sometimes wonder if any human has been more influential than the great cities. does jesus beat rome in terms of historical impact?

yesterday i went to go see nochnoi dozor (or, night watch). bernie stopped over & we met up with gerd & katja outside the theater. it was a pretty okay movie. tough to really know what to say. the narrative sort of fell apart at the end, but it was pretty visually interesting. a lot of decent bits- also, there was a funny geek specific moment of teasing. i don't know if you've noticed, but wizards of the coast are currently doing a big errata deluge for polymorph. as well as phasing it out of all descriptions, & outlawing it in theit weird rpga "competative role-playing." anyhow, gerd has been kind of throwing a shit-fit, since his water shugenja is all about the polymorph. near as anyone can tell, though, the only real change is that your items fall to the ground? anyhow, there was a part where the little boy was teasing a were-bear guy about not wanting his clothes to rip when he changed. suffice to say, it was funny to us. anyhow, after that ekat went home & us boys wandered around in the biting cold. seriously, the temperature went from late spring to mid-winter like a flash of lighting & a rumble of thunder. anyhow, our wanderings led us to grab a couple of drinks at burp castle. i have to say that i wouldn't recomend the peche thing to anybody, as good as fermented peaches sounds.

at seven (7:00) i met jenny at the northern part of union square, along with a whole bunch of other agents. we were going to do an improv everywhere mission, which is basically the logical outgrowth of last century's flashmob phenomenon. also, these are the same guys who had those arrests recently for not wearing pants. anyhow, the plan was basically to get all of our ring tones to the same song (i lead my group to have "hello moto" as the ringer), check our bags at the strand, & then have the home base crew call us over & over, synchronized with all the similar tones. anyhow, i bought a british book on alchemy, & also a new encylopedia of demons. there was an announcement over the loudspeaker- "customers, your phones are ringing." & then as we were leaving, neck-tattoo was taking polaroids of peoples bags- "never come back here again....or um....never do that again." anyhow, it was a charming time for shopping & mischief. then we went home & i finished season one (1) of carnivale.

now i have to finish preparing for my dungeons & dragons games today.
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