January 12th, 2006


hail to those who are dead.

hong-kong money, babies! i had to sign a non-disclosure agreement today, did you? & wild horses couldn't drag those secrets from my lips! they had me sit in a mic'ed room with a one-way mirror & everything! i was grilled! how much fun is THAT? top agent, thats what they'll say. spy smasher! then they'll give me ANOTHER unmarked envelope filled with unmarked bills. seriously, how fucking sweet was that shit? then i ran into chance playing his guitar in a subway station & so ran off the train to shoot the shit with him for a little bit.

last night i hung out with katja. i was boring, but that was okay.

the night before that, we had a much over-due make-out (oops! make-up!) session of my dungeons & dragons (oops! mazes & mordicai!) game for gerd/emma & james/garrick. emma carver is a conjurer of creatures most foul, who summons horrors from her mirrors & from the very dark itself. garrick blaine is a soldier in the employ of the canny heathcliffe, as large as an ox & as strong as one too. no "little dragon" he! they have, along with balphus lore (screw-loose karnak necromancer & know-it-all) & itsle atahwa (karnak courtesan prodigy extradordinaire & tantric guru) of late been exploring a cavern complex of my creation which is apparently "vast." now, having reconnected with heathcliffe's Irregulars as lead by neville stocton roe, they will exchange the rescued children with them & delve once more into the horrific secrets of the TOMB OF VANAPAGAN!
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modern nazgul

living by myself? but who is going to help me drink all this VODKA??? all these MUTANT WOLVES???

i should really be updating shit for this sunday dnd session. i really should be making up stats for emma's summon monster iii guys. the fetch iii, the get of chernobog iii, & the ceasurrus i, ii, & iii. but making rules for things is so limiting! i suppose i must, for those things which pass to the other side of the dungeon master's screen. i'm anxious to usher them out into the open air, get them back into the meat & potatoes of the story. by meat, i mean beef, & by potatoes i mean tamales. lots of cows & corn around blaine, you betcha baby. i think they're leaning towards going to westcastle to see elias & heathcliffe, as well as for other purposes. anyhow, i've started reading latro in the mists, so i'll probably be ripping that off for story ideas, but don't tell anybody. sign a nondisclosure agreement, quick! i mean, i did! i read it all through first, like a responsible creature!

it might be worthy of note that i'm neglecting to do an "ex-girlfriends of ohio" follow up post. sorry, soldiers. i didn't really get a chance to talk to cortney, or at least not one on one. i mean, we made our snide, sharks circling comments while everyone was playing dance dance revolution. & i played a heart song at the bar's juke box for her. & she drunkenly kissed the crown of my head when she left. but while nice to see her, it was sort of unfufilling. not like i couldn't write a laundry lists of unfufilled things for us two. afterwords, nichole came over & we sort of bonded. she called me on sunday to give me an update on her life! how cute is that. anyhow, i'm making a mix cd for cortney to replace the one i gave to pam to spite her. to spite cortney, i gave it to pam out of fickle favor (& spite).

i'm sure morose when jenny isn't here to take care of me. also? my sword? or its style? the reason they coined the term swashbuckler.
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so it turns out that my philosophy is that, if you ignore anything that comes in the mail, then it can't be bad. jenny doesn't share this opinion with me, & she says it is why i got evicted that one time. shows what SHE knows! i got evicted that one time because i didn't pay my rent for six months. but i'm also a follower of the magical trick that says that if you throw any semi-important-seeming paper or letter into a box? & then put that box in an attic somewhere? that if you ever get into a paper-trail of trouble, that box will magically fix it. like maybe the save the day letter is in there somewhere! this includes old paystubs, tax forms, credit card thingies, whatever. anyhow, SHE was saying i could let my biological mother throw the college era box out. which is the only box, since jenny keeps me from being a tragic mess here on the brooklyn shore. but she can'! because also, all of those envelopes probably have things scribbled on them. because i kind of compulsively jot down notes on pretty much any piece of perishable paper i can find. i then put that paper somewhere in the way of everything, like the middle of the kitchen table. i then REFUSE to move it. right now, for instance, there is a piece of paper next to me that says "you are filled with the crazy germ! it populates you! mouth cheese delicacy! unanimous vote against sanity. jeremiad. "it is like recipe for bisexualism!" & the other half of it is obscured by water damage. it also has math problems & schedule notes on it. this paper is sacred & can not be thrown away!

pointing out all this to jenny, she missed me. or missed being absolutely frustrated by this habit. which is the first phone call i've won versus her in a long time. like- this break is particularly sucky. everytime i call her, she's doing something better or at least better at distracting her attention. i'm all kinds of neglected! but keeping busy. & i don't know. i tried calling her every night at bedtime, like we used to when we were dating long distance, but it never worked out & so i gave it up. this isn't really a complaint, just a kind of bummer. i sometimes feel taken for granted, even when she's being my heroine. but ha ha! i won her that phone call. i'll keep that in my luck amulet.
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