January 6th, 2006


over the shoulder.

i should have some kind of anecdote to jot in here, right? some pithy summation of ohio. but how can you nutshell it any better than just calling it the wastelands? you can sure wander around abandoned parking lots all you want, in ohio. anyhow, i was in ohio. i saw some people. some of them i like. i danced on a stripper pole. oh, hiyo. then i left & now i'm back in brooklyn. hail, this bloody land! oh man it is good to be home.

i mentioned my girlfriend is going to be out of town for two weeks? so watch out for ghosts & angels!
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by gaslight (& the kitchen sink)

when alone on the train or an airplane or a bus? i sit there furiously hating whomever i'm sitting next to. no matter how far away from me they are. for whatever reason. so i've spent most of the important parts of today like that. hating. a useful part of my soul, at work! i like to pretend that everything got a little bit better as soon as the bus entered the lincoln tunnel. i draw magical powers from the land! geomancy? not really. that is the thing of someone else. dracula, i guess. i don't really know for sure. i'm not in such a bad mood, but the weird casual sleep schedule of ohio has gotten in, infecting me with sleeplessness. jenny's napping addiction sure is alluring when the only other options are, i don't know, not being with jenny while she naps. we had an electric blanket! it was made out of 1000 eels, sewn jaws to tail. i ran into christopher on the street up here. so there we are. that was a handy little anchor. at least i'm not floating about my apartment caught between two worlds.

in case you were curious, my 13th level star wars d20 character? is soldier 3, dark side marauder 5, dark force witch 2, sith acolyte 2, sith lord 1.
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goblin sneak

now i'm getting angry about paradise lost.

baal-brooklyn's secrets of knives are not for the faint of heart! oh, but so, okay, antonio is shipping my cut n' thrust sword to my work. that is sort of a pretty tolerable runner up prize to the no-shotgun debacle of 2006. thanks for nothin' new york city! i guess i'll stick to my old fashioned killer-by-hand modus operandi. once again forced to rely on my talons. & you call this empire civilized. i suppose legalized dueling would help, right? man, when i first found out about purposefully missing when duelling with pistols? it all came together. man, i'm sort of bothered that i can be bothered to draw anything beautiful out of my throat. i guess also maybe it is upon me to try to sum up my time in ohio. which i'm not keen to do quite yet. i think i saw every girl i've ever liked. jenny was jealous for a minute, which is totally unfair insofar as i'm the crazy one. & then when i got home there was a postcard in our mailbox from her ex! talk about handling a live grenade! wait, i was talking about jenny! she's not here for two weeks. my personal goal is to not feed it into my abandonment complex. like- she, in a big way, pumped it full of steroids. i mean, the genesis of the thing lies in a shot out of heaven, right? so when she anchored it down to earth, that was a big mess. but see, this ain't like that, it ain't like that at all. it ain't the same. even a little. this is our home, & she's just away from it. see, it is OURS. my girlfriend.
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goblin king

(no subject)

so olive is all off having her life. fuck that! jenny was saying is it only a year since i met her in the flesh? & i mean. i'm sort of the paragon of counting internet & telephon contact as "real." but listen! i'm sort of all kinds of broken hearted that olive's move to new york plan is kind of going transparent. i mean, she's sort of off the hook by reconciling me & ekat, but i don't know. i was sort of dumb. i was kind of unfair with the life planning bussiness. expecting that the pro-babylon vibe had infinite legs. i mean, it even took me years to move here, & i had everything here. i just. i guess i just get troubled when olive has a good time in europe. listen honey! your life is supposed to suck, so i can make it better! this is very important to me now, because my girlfriend isn't around, & i'm desperately lost. i mean, not so much, really. like, my weird terrifying hallucination rating is 0%. unless you count on the airplane, but i don't, because i think maybe it was just a reflection on the inside of my glasses.
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