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Weird & Creepy!

Nice little party with Kira & Nino-- sans Olivia!-- at Brian & Nicola's apartment last night. Weird day beforehand, though; I was just super weird about food? I ate cereal rather than making bacon & eggs, which was the plan, figuring I'd make more of a brunch than a breakfast & then...never went back. Skipped it, & went to the gym, where after fifteen minutes on the elliptical I felt faint. I swooned! Or I fluttered, anyhow, so I just left & went around the corner & ate a plate of hot wings, & then went back & did some weight machines. I don't think that was the most reasonable course of action, but it was the one I went with. I actually debated whether I should keep it secret from Jenny, once I realized I was being weird, especially since I had left her in the lurch regarding lunch. I of course told her when I got home, & she quite reasonably made fun of me for it. Then to the party, all aboard the G train (thinking about Mindy Kaling, who came up at another point too). There was a bit of the Brooklyn follies as Nino & I struggled to find something for desert without nuts or eggs. Wait, is The Brooklyn Follies about, like, cancer? I just mean we were being all Keystone Kops. Nicola has done a few audiobooks for us-- she's a voice actor-- so that was a nice touchstone. The duck rillette was the big dinner winner, for me, followed by the risotto. We took a scotch tour of the Inner Hebrides; Laphroaig Triple Wood from Islay (eye-luh) & a wee little bottle of Talisker from Skye. Then from the Highlands there was the Drambuie 15. Actually, Brian had quite the cabinet, but those were the ones I had the temper to sample before it was time to traipse along home. & now, Monday! I've got some stuff to get cracking on as soon as I get into the office.
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