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Br'er Rabbit & the Ghost of Limerick Hall.

(Me & Jocelyn waiting to sit on the Iron Throne, photo by Janina.)

So, last night was kind of amazing, culminating in Brian freestyle rapping passages out of Kat's diary & us turning off all the lights in Kat's apartment & giving Jocelyn a flashlight so that she could tell us a ghost story about Wells College. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before all that happened, I went out to lunch with ankledeepruins & Terra. We went to Rye House, since I hadn't been there in a while, & then afterward they came shopping with me. I needed new pants, so off I went to Banana Republic, gift card & discount in hand. I don't know if you know this about me, but basically all of my clothes come from Banana Republic. It is hard for me to find clothes that fit me-- if they are broad enough at the shoulders then they are made for fat people & are too blousy, if they fit my torso then they are too short, & if they are the right length & the right girth, then my shoulders are too broad for it. I exist in a world between sizes, but Banana Republic's medium & larges generally have the best chance of fitting me. I ended up finding a pair of pants & a sweater I liked, but then I didn't have my Banana Republic Luxe card (I told you, all my clothes are from there, I've got their special card & everything) so I had to come back. I sounded like a scam artist, actually; I don't have my card, my Social Security Number won't work, oh it is under my wife's name, oh wait I can't remember her phone number-- ugh. Then when I came back later they couldn't find my hold! It was a whole thing. But then! After word Terra & I walked down to Kat's to meet up with her, Matt, Jocelyn & Brian. Eventually even Jenny joined us, but she missed the rap. See, Kat had one of those bound books that kids make-- mine were about the Loch Ness Monster, mostly, prompting everyone to groan & say "there really was no avoiding the way you turned out, huh?-- & we were doing staged readings from it. It was magical. Then a ghost story! Another Flash Fact about me: I really value being a "sport" in a friend. So when I said "oh, Jocelyn has a ghost story, lets turn off all the lights!" & then everyone did? It was very "aw, you guys." Also, somehow everyone was sort of obsessed with The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

Let me see, today. Well, I wrote about the book I finished, which took up a chunk of the morning. I tried ordering food but had a hard time of it, until I realized my credit card wasn't working-- we'd canceled it because some jerk in Las Vegas had stolen it. A little fraud this week, but Jenny totally took care of it, like a champ. We ended up eating Bark, because while those are some hella expensive hot dogs, they are incredibly good. Olivia came over, but I didn't play with her that much-- she's asleep right now. Jenny & I were watching Oddities while we ate & I had a moment of cognitive dissonance. I like it when there are people on Oddities who are both adults & weirdos. That is, people like Evan, who is clearly a huge macabre nerd, but isn't putting on a show. When they have customers who are behaving flamboyantly, screaming for attention, it is a turn off. I know that the producers are putting them up to it somewhat, but once you tare weight the scale for that, you can sort of tell who is sort of faking it. I don't know that I'm explaining it well, but I guess I mean the difference between being strange & peacocking. Anyhow, this episode had a guy, dressed like anybody else, whose apartment was just filled with swords & skulls & had anecdotes about making his own scabbards & hilts. I was all into it until the crawl under his name mentioned that he was in...Limp Bizkit! Haha, what? Anyhow, what about the rest of the week? On Wednesday Television Night was canceled, on account of sickness & homemaking, so I just went to the gym. We watched Modern Family & maybe something else-- oh, Storage Wars: Texas, which is pretty much terrible, still. No one to root for! Speaking of rooting for, Community is back! It was a soft, character driven episode, & if you ask me, Britta Perry & Theo Huxtable nailed it. Plus. that brown sweater outfit Britta was wearing was amazing. I am sad that there was no new Parks & Recreation, but like I've said before, we're living in a sitcom Golden Age, if shows like The Office & 30 Rock are the worst case scenario. In actual downsides, though, this month has been hard hit by people dying. I don't normally care about the deaths of famous people, but Ralph McQuarrie, Mœbius & M.A.R. Barker are all active influences on my Oubliette setting, & I don't mind taking a moment to dump a little of my drink out on the ground in memory of them.

(me & James at Television Night in an incriminating pose, photo by Lilly.)
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