December 22nd, 2005


i am drinking tea that is made of popcorn & pine needles.

they say that this transit strike bussiness has come to a close. well, good. in time for me to make a run to the candy-cane barber-shop pole fair in union square for last minute jenny-mas shopping. so far, the transit thing hasn't been fuckin' me too bad. i mean, the other morning i had to haggle! that is pretty rough rider, gun slung low. i told that dude two bucks & dammit if i pay anymore for his eye-gouging. anyhow, things have been black racer cool sincewise. tried to do some shopping at king's plaza, since getting into manhattan has been a fucking joke, but didn't find much of value. hung out with david & peter, & cruised on home in a dollar van that we caught before we were even out the gate. like i said, king's county has got it's shit together.
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    crown me king- knock your teeth out