October 11th, 2005



okay, first off, anya got a really bum deal once marti noxon took over the helm. i mean, come fucking on. xander leaving her at the altar was pretty much an out of character contrivance that strained everyone's characters past believability. & then killing her at the end? like her being a fan favorite made up for her being a total non-entity in the last couple seasons? like that is supposed to be legit storytelling? no, you know what, fuck you. one of the few things i empathize with in dramarama is the theme of alienation. & sure, buffy has her cliche stuff, which is solid. but anya's constant, low-level not getting it? superior by a landslide. so i call foul, i call bullshit. i wish she'd been dragged along in the riptide to angel. that would have been...so great. anya versus fred? or anya plus fred? talk about television chemistry that should have bubbled!

while we are talking about television dudes, let me dwell for a second on jms. mister, the fuck. i kind of like your run on amazing spider-man. the whole totem thing is a decent direction to go. i mean, i always rooted for it in gotham, but that is why applying it to the spidey mythos works so well. it isn't as obvious. that is fine! & the bits with mary jane & aunt may? well within your rights as a big name writer with a hot property. so i'm dubbing all that no-fault. you've done just fine. but shit man, i just read your 9/11 spider-man issue. okay, i get that you've got to do that whole firemen are the real heroes thing. i get that, i really do. & i know, you can't make marvel continuity jokes. like, where was thor, or the avengers, or fucking doctor strange? i get that you kind of have to turn that blind eye to the marvel u, because it is one of those times when comics are laid bare to the bone as far as allegorical elements are concerned. i get that, i want you to understand. but, fucking dude...dude. you have DOCTOR DOOM & MAGNETO at the site. you have doctor doom shed a single tear underneath his mask! the fuck! listen. you want to put kingpin in & have him sad, fine. vulture, okay. there are plenty of villians that you could have made your point with. but....dude! FUCKING DOCTOR DOOM BLOWS UP BUILDINGS IN NEW YORK REGULARLY IN PROTEST OF U.S. POLICY! doctor fucking doom issues a press release saying "we unilaterally support this action. in fact, we take credit, if no one else does." then his fucking doombot blows up the building that the press are in. okay? doctor fucking doom? & then magneto? okay, i'm not saying magnus takes glory in it. nor that he gloats. but shit. man, can you say "i told you so?" i mean, isn't that the whole point of magneto? it is, right? so seriously...come on.
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tonight was my first play practice for the young romance play. i am, um. pretty nervous. shut up! i am. not that i won't do passably. more, that i won't do amazingly. like- i'm supposed to play the cool guy? FUCK! how am i supposed to be the cool guy? that is basically the biggest death trap. how do you ham up the fifties? oh shit. i could have fordmadoxfraud hit me up with tons of 50's biker movies i bet. but i'm also a biker in the 80's? no, no, look- it is fun. everyone seems cool. i have no complaints? but man, that guy who plays vic the chef is funny! the guy who plays the pin ball machine is funny! maybe i am the straight man? maybe i need to look at things like maybe i'm the straight man. that could be the gem, the ticket. i don't know. i guess simon wrote the part for me, more or less? great! so there is no pressure or anything! haha, man. i'm in a play! that is all kinds of funny. maybe i'll take tommorow to practice voices! shit, how do you act cool? i mean, in a play? being cool, that i can do. but acting cool? that sounds totally impossible. i keep saying that i want to do the opposite of james in twin peaks. shit. did symon or kaden invent "^^"? who can know.
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i could have sworn i had a decent reason for being here. but fuck! i am listening to this neutral milk hotel song singing all along singing about jesus christ. i mean.n listen. i get that being opposed to christianity is hardly original. but can i set that aside for a second? i mean, here i am in the innner honey. in the sugar dripping down like the baptism you imagine you might be having. listen- putting it all aside? i mean, let us pretend for a second that, without warning, the hive mind kicked in. who the FUCK do you think would be there? so okay? can we chill out for a minute?


listen. the song "superman's song" by the crash test dummies? is basically...fuck! hahah i am in a good mood.
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