September 23rd, 2005

modern nazgul

the only skeleton at the rock show.

you could see the stars on fire from where we were sitting. we had great seats, but what else would you expect? all the stars went red in a flash, venting mass as volume, fissioning apart raw stuffs just to stay afloat. soon the spots will claim them, then they will collapse in upon themselves. then, at least, darkness. what a long wait for a place to stretch. but now the casino is going to have to treat its few remaining ghosts well, or we'll sink it to the bottom of the mississippi. we will explain to it, in small, monosyllabic words, what an angry angel just might ammount to. oh, i can't wait till we're the only monsters left. till all that is left is the akward compromise between squid & spider. welcome to america, asshole! it is a damn sight better than your cave of a nation. & i mean, say what i like about how i'm pretty sure fascism is the future? the good old u.s. of a. kicked the crap out of germany & italy. then later, russia! so is it any real surprise the infection would start here? post-humanity wasn't going to spring out of beloved antartica; it is a simple numbers game! the hive had to be built upon the bones of some great dinosaur!
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    crown me king- shazam, said the spectre!