August 31st, 2005

modern nazgul

the gambler's cold system & hot irons.

this honey-coloured kill of an evening wasn't such a terrible prison, as far as amber goes. whiskey the colour of lamp-light would have fixed the star at a better lilt, tilt, hung it off a sigh or similar. or glass upon glass of my murky physick, but alas the spirits of the air could not bring the ingredients needed to my hand. oh inauspicious stars! i will bind you to the mast off this ship, tie you with thread to blow your winds into the mainsail. early i complained about this sandbox of a brain i've had lately. nothing but clutter & collapsed tunnels. i want to just push things apart for some god-damn space. push fucking knives down throats. "no listen! i will show you how to be a sword swallower! stop fucking struggling! stop fucking fighting you sissy! it is okay! fuck you!"

the placid surface of the loch is, of course, one big lie. underneath roils a pod of serpents, beasties of the worst sort. & in the rivers that feed the loch, deep & clear, feeds thick-tailed mokele-membe. oh i'll bring these scaly things to the gates of ile-ife & show the sorcerers there who means bussiness. i'll break a couple fucking hexagrams. right behind the dragons will be the clanking machines, spilling steam into the air, gears chattering like stygians' teeth. so on & so on, right? the onion peel of all my allies. or i don't know. let me empty my dungeons of secret weapons so as i can walk them alone. i'll spin the chambers of this old gun & listen to that dull heel-toe echo i'm pretty sure is just somebody that i used to know. find all the cracked bells that rang along the temple when we first brought war to our home. all the shattered chains that were torn from their moorings by those shuddersome kerubim. the wells we filled with bones, bucket after bucket, & cemented over.
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seriously, i read this one book this one time & it said your mom doesn't love you.

it is a good fucking thing they raised the "genius" bar for iqs over 160, because my ass with my 153 sure acts a damn fool. like, i got out the brita, filled it up, but then left it on top of the refrigerator for the past twenty minutes. good job k.g.-wannabe! i'm going to blame our persistant poltergeist; it may be that ceasar & azreal boarded it up in the walls with chicken's feet & hexes & shit. okay. & maybe i co-opted their sorceries to brand this place with my name. am i not a prince of black angels? but how much wire & muck & warlocking can keep a bad ghost down? not enough! i bet it was that foul spirit's fault! good eye, mordicai, good ides. i mean, good eye. uh, hm. is hanging out with the hottest girl you know, who you basically broke your whole "i'm a bad-ass heartbreaker" mojo for, in the best city basically on the planet; is that better than hanging out in ohio being lonely & bored? i don't fucking know, why don't we get hammurabi in here to judge it! it is going to be a close fucking call.
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m-ouse ears.

i have been drinking.

jenny: "what is jabber?"
mordicai: "nobody knows."
jenny: "sombody has to know.
mordicai: "nobody knows."
jenny: "so you just typed 'snicker-snack?"
mordicai: "yep."
jenny: "there was a jabberwocky last night."
mordicai: "there was a jabberwocky last night? when?"
jenny: "when i was scating!"

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