August 19th, 2005


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a man in a far off country told me a story, telepathically, about the loneliest train in the world. so i got on board & we've been going clickity-clack along these dark tracks ever since. so my story here is sparse, & moth-eaten by the drunken half-sleep that long travel engenders. all women encountered are spiders, killers, their beds covered in widow's weeds to keep the mosquitos at bay. all the children slip through the cars like silver minnows, off on the grand adventures of their lives, that all others are by requirement excluded from. one of the cars is done up like a church, another filled with ancient wwii veterns who mumble about revenge. instead of conductors the train has nurses who go up & down the aisles with drink carts. the man sitting next to me turns & asks "i have heard rumors that i am being tortured to death in the future. do you have any corroborating intelligence?" & i tell him no. he has a gold chain streatching between his pocket & the third button of his vest. i am fairly certain that his watch is a time travelling watch. it doesn't matter. i am taking this train to my home in the belly of a giant whale. its ribs are my walls & spine my ceiling. there i am safe from divine providence, there i can plot my war against the throne.

last night i drank on the rooftop until i vanished into thin air (unsuccessfully).

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