July 6th, 2005


honey bees?

i'll see your honey bees & raise you an exotic weapons proficiency!
abrax kadabra! suck it grail knights! axis mundi says what?
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closeup samurai

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i had a dream about chucky. like, the hideous marionette, which, i don't know, is a sobriquet i've applied to myself, so maybe i'm chucky! who is chucky's conscience? i've never found out that riddle. maybe that is why he kills & kills! anyhow so i had this dream, i guess. there was some cinematic quality to it; i floated outside the sequence mostly. anyhow, this guy's sister had been died from a drug overdose, & they found semen inside of her, so they dna sequenced it & threw the guy whose had had sex with her in prison for rape & manslaughter. then later he got out of prison, on parole, or an over-turned conviction, something like that, so the brother & his friend went out & kidnapped the parole, intending to commit street justice in some fashion. somehow chucky ended up in the mix, basically playing devil's advocate. the parole would try to convince the other two to band together to kill chucky, & the friend would tell the brother not to trust the guy who killed his sister, &c. meanwhile, chucky would kill again.
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