June 25th, 2005

m-ouse ears.

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as i snuck into the living room to nab the computer, katja whimpered, flailed her arms about for a second, & then said "good morning!"

i think she needs to sleep more. the worst is poor jenny! in the bathroom now, she leaves for work in fifteen minutes! but such is her lot in life. she is lovely & fantastic, but sadly, she came too late! i'm not being very good at linear story-telling just now, am i? i sort of just woke up myself! i have to keep breathing in deep, or else my gag reflex starts kicking in. yep, it is the morning! but last night! well, ekat came over after her "session," & we went to sushi, as is out wont. she kept saying i was being quiet & sinister! so i started sureptitiously sending her text messages about ruin & guns! problem solved! from there, it was a simple matter of getting vodka, & a lime. we already had tonic! muah-ha-ha! then zim, then we ran out of tonic & ice, so we bought more! even more! then katja told me how jeffrey was somehow snobbish about my neighborhood! he said "do you really want to live in the suburbs? can you even see manhattan from there?" the joke is on you, jeffrey! i'm kidnapping your wife! so finally my stoned little jenny came home. what a goof-ball! i'd been keeping my fingers double crossed that she'd be home soon for about 100 hours. as you can see, my finger-crossing is not strong!

oh my! ekatarina is awake! we are all awake! this is disgusting! fuck! get the proton torpedos! you & the naboo form a symbiotic circle! battten down the hatches! today is destined to be a record breaking heat-wave! they say it is a solar flare generated by 1000 tons of space-uranium which has been flung into the sun by an unholy ghostieship! weaponized solar activity! but i think the government is lying. i think that the rising temperatures is a sign of...um...a cosmic um...soda jerk! oh man what the fuck! i'm going to go to work & be miserable! weaponized employment! jenny is wearing a see through top! i like her. she's a munchkin! she has fangs the size of a buick! american & proud of it! oh shit i'm a-wobble. this whole forest primeval is about to SURGE forth into the world, awakening the places of old magic! beware! there are supernatural forces afoot, watson!
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further adventures in cancer!

the sounds of hideous arithmatic! the clicker-clack of cogs & springs sprung! these are the coils of the serpent that has you now, fangs sunken into your heel! what do your mother & father think of you! dressed up like some kind of CULTIST! talking about your blue orbs versus red orbs! that is whacko talk, not proper civilized talk! click-clack your spring heels together three times & off to the cheshire cat with you. stomach your qualms about vicious murder, for the situation demands it! time for decisive action: serial killing! attack & trouble! oh jack, you are a burdonsome lad, you are indeed. with your "w" waistcoat you confound all my subtle aims. you & the mad gasser of matton! with your devilish ways, with your sisters dressed up all in your clothes to baffle my agents, my faithful hounds. all my penny-dreadful children gather around auntie mordicai's skirts! now we dive, dive into the oceans of the hollow earth! look alive, starbuck!
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