June 16th, 2005

goblin king

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felt like i was sticking to my guns last night, but probably was just falling for a trap. either way, it isn't any big deal. though sleeping on the sofa sucks in a general sort of way. & when you wake up in the middle of the night disoriented, it really throws you for a loop. around & around. going home at a more reasonable time tonight; hopefully things will be marinating at a more genuine level of relaxation. also, i'd like to get laid. fingers crossed. though if i make a big deal out of it, it pretty much counts as shooting myself in the foot. so call me king swank. even if i momentarily freak out about windows. fucking windows. all weepy eyed.

the opening strains of this week's symphony were all done up in terra- she was in town from atlanta, doing her thing. monday we went to the asian pub for a few drinks & then drank some more like winos in tompkin's square park. clicked my black slippers together three times & no-place-like-home'd shortly thereafter. then the next night ford madox fraudling & met up with bernard & did the scene. what scene? the fat black pussy cat & the terra-thon. eventually christopher & kromo-lizardo showed their mugs, but by then ford & i were pretty far in ours. mugs that is. glass gold. swimming pools of beer & whiskey keeping our bellies full. then even my spectacular girl jenny showed up. that evening ended with fried food. drat!
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    crown me king- suck the marrow from the bones of the world
blur shotgun

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as lonely as a wolfpack of u-boats, my crew of soldiers & me.
we can never radio for reinforcements, but by all the hate of heaven, we'll bathe the atlantic in blood.
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