May 27th, 2005

goblin sneak

send in the script doctor!

riding on their black horses through the meadowland of prospect park. thunderous trumpets, the resounding echo of brass. the huntsman, that distillate of the chasse artu, rises a crooked finger & there they stop, to sit & stare at the kites drifting on lazy curtains of wind. they've come today to see the strongest chinese railroad worker fight old john henry. my goodess this will be a show to remember. the crowd gathers from all over! why, baba yaga & kotschie are fighting over who gets to sit on the picnic blanket! & even the batrachomyomachia has had a truce called for the event. mister toad & the rat king are there holding hands & collecting daisies! but nobody is going to save your soul, you fucking homunculus. reserve your tickets in advance.
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    crown me king- the roar of the cachalot