May 21st, 2005


"oh god her eyes were the colour of murder..."

so i finally got off my ass on saturday. i met up with bernie in the villiage (i hate the west villiage, i feel stupid for not magically knowing the crooked, slanted streets) & then we met up with nineof26 at the american natural history museum. we didn't have all that much time to wander through it, but we did see the new dinosaur thing. i touched an ankylosaur's club-tail fossil! i like the rose room with all the scale proportions thing with that big sphere in the middle. man, stuff isn't that big! exept the blue super-giant "rigel." holy fucking shit, that is big. everything else though, it is about the size i figured. then i saw a little fucking monster thing, Jeholopterus ningchengenesis. it is a total dnd monster, man, you should've seen it. i think most wizards should have it as a familiar. i can't find a picture of it on the internet though, which is fucking annoying. anyhow, after they kicked us out of the museum (truants!) we walked through central park, ending up on a bedrock slab, escaped, ate a hotdog, & then took the train to roosevelt island. there, i exhanged state secrets with jenny, stole a kiss, & we took the tram back over to manhattan. split with bernie.

then nine & i went to that asian pub that scribble & i had gone to. sure thing, still cheap drinks. i mean, a four dollar ($4) drink isn't something all that amazing in theory, but the decour & the drinks themself make it a steal. the drinks sure are weird, though. i drank lycheetinis all night & nine discovered that he likes edamame & mohitos. as i was goading him to stay for one more drink, the waitress was all "yeah, 'cause the next round is on the house!" it is distressing that the whole "free drink" thing is sort of fallen out of vogue. asian pub, it is a decent little joint. 35 cooper square or something. on the way back some lady was scandalized when i offered to buy a cigarette off her. when i got home, i found a sprite of a girl! & we drank wine & fooled around on the internet all night.
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goblin king

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so who is my favorite guy? darth vader or the joker? it is difficult to say. the joker may have a personality more to my liking, or at least more in line with my own, but darth vader has powers, & is a cyborg. it is a dilemma i face. i struggle with it.
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