May 11th, 2005


i am not, in fact, ghandi.

even the physick doesn't help, & eventually i'm back in there throwing that up.

once upon a time there was an elf named mordicai. mordicai thought black thoughts, but was glad of countance. one day, mordicai was trying out his brand-spanking new paranoid delusions, & he was in an accident! you see, he had been drinking at the ukrainian bar with baba yaga, koschei, chernabog, fmf, & his girlfriend. afterwords they got chips with sea salt on them, & goat cheese. then, mordicai decided they were all against him! even his beloved princess! because you see, she had put the goat cheese away! horror! spark, smash! melodrama & over-reaction! he darted off the train & ran up several cars to hide. this tale would have a happy ending, if mordicai had been smart enough to just take jenny's hand outside the apartment. see, she had run to catch up with him! but instead, he shrugged her off, ranted & raved...then in the middle of things realized he was being a lunatic & needed her help. by that time it was too late, he had pushed too hard & jenny was mad. stupid, stupid rat-mordicai. later, waking up after a bad dream, he tugged off the blankets & crawled into the room where she was sleeping & curled up on the wooden floor. woe is our poor villian!

in the morning, things were better,
but mordicai was still really sorry.
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goblin's grimace

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okay, i'm saying it right now, for the record.

star wars episode iii: revenge of the sith is going to be awesome.
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