March 19th, 2005

cigarette burns

unfiled police report.

at about 10:30 am (1030 military time), the driver of a black vw sedan lisence plate bvh-4565, got into a shouting match with the driver of a blue toyota lisence plate cty-8142. driver of the vw was a black male, 6', balding, shaved head, wearing a yellow jacket & orange shirt. driver of toyota was a black male, 5'10", shaved head, wearing a blue suit. the driver of the toyota walked off towards brooklyn college campus, while the vw driver stayed around, double parking, occasionally blocking in the parked toyota, walking in & out of burger king. at aproximately 10:45 (1045), the vw driver took out a thin metal tube (possible a car radio antenna), & broke the passanger side mirror of the toyota. he then drove off, but returned after about 5 minutes before driving off again. (they always return to the scene of the crime, eh?) earlier in the week, somebody who tried to rape one of my co-workers was in the store, as well, but was gone by the time the cops got here (or i even had any idea what was going on, why she was hiding behind me.) my oh heavens me. its always something around here, isn't it!
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closeup samurai

split, cleft, like a peach by a pit.

while i'm lying in ruins under the bed-spread, she comes in asking what that bitter smell is. i'm an ashen silhouette fallen face down from the firmament, alligator ancient, but the windows are sitting their exhaling their looking-glass foes against me. bones rattling like a piano whose wires have been clipped. cloistered in the room with all the terrors torn out of heaven with me, when the cancer mordicai was excised. all those brine-coloured things, those brakish things of this world & that. the haunting of those with one foot on each bank of the river styx. eyeless cavefish, blind to the war; fucking useless barnacles on my psyche. weighing me down with loss & hurt & phantasmagory. but let me tell you, partner; a cowboy dressed in black sure gets lucky when the little lady sharp-shooter slips into bed with him. i'll be clyde barrow if that is the pay-off, the black bag filled with money. lets not get our black bags mixed up though, darling- i've got my whitechapel jack tools in the other. along with my nautical apparatus.
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