March 8th, 2005

goblin king

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yesterday morning was pretty slip n' slide; despite jenny & i having to go to work at the same time (& event that usually causes some frazzles) it went off without a hitch- my having gotten up at 8:30 probably helped with that. i think i was having some dream that i was in the marvel family (shazam!) but the curtain-cord part of the cape was too short to actually tie around my neck. worked (hate) & then went home. watched the bourne identity, which i enjoyed. i'd seen the first half of it before, but the dvd had skipped, leaving me left with a matt damon shaped lacunae in my life. okay, not such a deep hole, but still, i was glad to see the rest. i liked the film just fine, & want to see the sequel soon. afterwards we layed around for a while, until it was time to go to bed & read. i read some comics (comics read recently include savage dragon 1 & 2, batman: a death in the family, jla: new world order, jla: american dreams, jla: a league of one, huntress: a cry for blood, catwoman: the dark end of the, i think that's it.) & then tucked in. we twisted restlessly in bed until my hands found her. we made out & made love & she said today that the fever has broken. which, colour me black, colour me the hungry sky. consider my mood improved, & it wasn't even so bad. tonight we are planning on white wine, la taqueria, & the ghost in the shell.
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