February 8th, 2005

modern nazgul

the umbral radish (you know whats even crazier? beets!)

i wish i could find my nazgûl cape. i feel like maybe i brought it, but that could totally be wrong. didn't i used to hang it on a hanger on my jungle-gym closet thingy? i can't find it; i looked really hard on halloween, too. maybe it is still in ohio, with my sword & my cape & my gun. shit, fucking ohio has all my good stuff. i want to have my ringwraith stuff. then i'll climb to the top of the empire state building i guess, & proclaim my wicked intent. gosh golly i want my terrible cape! then i'd make a million dollars in TERROR. man you see how scary i am with that thing on! like the witch king came on down to reno to shoot a fool. also, maybe i want my bow, too, so i can be all morgul-arrow. crap, nazgûl would be so much cooler if they'd never been people. at least they were numenorean. that is the least lame kind of human, the kind from atlantis (also, the alien hybrids are not totally lame). SO: nazgûl cape, 12 gauge shotgun, cut-&-thrust sword, compound bow. that is my wishlist from ohio. please deliver. or: napalm. & also punching.
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    crown me king- j.r.r. tolkien beats up soccer hooligans
goblin sneak

buried amidst the roots of the weeping willow.

jangle of spurs, motherfuckers. pace out onto the street as usual per a tuesday; mordicai versus the whole fucking universe. well i'll say it, i flinched first. i threw up. tossed my cookies. hello cruel world. but then i get the fingers all a-spider over the hilts of my guns, back where they belong. so here we are at our stand-off as usual. you like the glint off my crooked teeth? the shade of my shadow upon the hungry urth? well screw you pal. i'm taking my toys & i'm going home. cracker jack crown, wooden sword & cork gun & everything. scoundral ahoy! i'll defang this rat trap, you'll see. there won't even be ashes for the monkeys to play mad max in. i have a blueprint of the deathstar & i'm not afraid to use it! you should see the kind of nastiness i can get up to! oh you'll see.

in other news, if i could write any monthly comic it would be "superman's girlfriend, lois lane."
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    crown me king- j.r.r. tolkien killed the wayne family!