January 22nd, 2005

m-ouse ears.

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b) pappy is not one much for fucking conversational cant, or recollection.

so my fucking jenny is going to be stranded in arizona till tuesday now because of this blizard! no joke! that is a century of fucking lonely. i mean, a week was bad enough, i've done bad enough with a week. a stupid week. a week is too long! ignore me, wait! i mean, i'm hardcore & shit, i don't even care. bachelor life et cetera. banging chicks, smokin' weed. man fucking another two days would be just about to wreck me. at least it will be busy at the store, what with having to boss around seasonal staff or whatever. but i don't fucking care about any of that shit! what is to become of me without my darling? okay, in honesty it isn't the end of the world. thats fair. but david & i have drank enough rum & cider to make it seem valid. also, we watched the thing. 81!? thats so early! i had to revise all my science opinions.

i guess i'm planning on sleeping here tonight? because fucking going back home on top of dealing with 12"-18" snowstorms.
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it is a lucky god-damn thing that i drank enough last night. let me fucking tell you. one drink either way, & i'd be a wreck. too much drinking makes....wait, no such thing. but i mean! no girlfriend till tuesday morning? what am i, iron man joe stalin? what about the lifestyle to which i've grown accustomed? who will watch my back? who will drive the getaway car? it is a red car, for crying out loud! fucking blizzard. i don't even think it'll happen. its a ruse, a ploy, you knameen? fucking hell. what am i supposed to do with myself tonight? i'm unwashed! the statue of liberty says something about me! i'm a huddled masses! this is so dumb. i feel dumb, somehow. is it my fault? i guess so. you know you're right. i mean, this is some jiggly puff fucking static. dumb mordicai why do you make it always winter never christmas?
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modern nazgul

the lurking god.

well it slithered up the hallway stairs & right down her throat. she let loose a little gasp as it entered into her, as the angel of god came upon mary, & she sank to the floor. she sank to the floor like a coffin sinks into six feet of dirt & earthworms. started trembling & quaking. what is this, her first fucking blizzard? like we've never been torn apart by a million miles of real estate. hell, arizona is basically a lost continent, she sank to the floor like atlantis sinking below the waves. sitting in the hallowed grove, slithering like a serpent up a tree to whisper honey lies into her ear. i'll have her fall, i'll have her sink, slink like stockings & garters, stars & gardens i mean. start moving in her sleep, tongue on my lips, her body pressed into mine like she invented sin. her heart around my firey sword, soft as gently bitten fruit. the hollows of her, the calculus of her. cry mercy, cry havoc, cry all you fucking want. she is mine, said the circus-king, center ring.
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m-ouse ears.

possessing hatred without sentience.

a quart is a pretty meaningless unit of measurement anymore. fucking what? there are like, four in a gallon or something? fuck if i'm going to bother learning old-fashioned english measurement standards. but i'll tell you one thing for sure. a quart of wonton soup is a fucking load of wonton fucking soup. i ate-drank it after i went outside to shovel some snow! no joke! i havn't shoveled snow since ohio, fuck, since mentor. even then, i mostly stopped doing it when i was pretty little. i tried to get all the snow under the driverside door of this car parked out side. here's a nice steaming cup of malice for you, bub! fucking, chump! so here i am at work. dante came in today, taking me completely by surprise. so i've got him shelving some of the texts, the usual text rush stuff, while i sit here on my throne. hail the mighty dead! or me, mostly. hail to the king, baby.

fmf made his dazzling fucking macaroni-&-guiness last night, at my urging. he also made some tasty fucking lamb, but really, most other foods are eclipsed. it goes on the list of things i actually enjoy eating, making the list a) hijiki-tofu, b) most kinds of sushi, c) macaroni-&-guiness. wait a minute, ha ha ha, the daughter of the guy i just piled snow around? or his automobile, anyway? she just came in looking to get hired, & was a total mouth-breather. talked like she was underwater. & a retard. an aqautic retard just came in here looking to get hired, ah-ha!
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