January 14th, 2005


how do you like my gun tactics?

see, the thing is, that i have to have it explained to me that you're mad at me for being a terrible human being. i'm really not a very good facsimile of one, am i? even if i was, i'd still be a disgustingly selfish one. diana of themyscira would not "hang out" with me. but you're my doll, my bit of stuff, the fucking ammo in my trusty gun. sure, i want to put my two cents in the fight, i want to try to explain my side of things. but i guess what i really needed was for you to explain your side. you are right, you know. about me being a jerk. i am almost tempted to lay out my points? but fuck it, i really ought to have come home & just done a proper good-bye. but i meant what i said about honey instead of sugar. you could just ask nice. i feel like i'm not hard to manipulate! i make it so easy! but i get that you didn't want to have to push my buttons, that i should just know better. but see, i'm pretty dumb. at least i finally got it through my head. peter said i apologised with grace. like showing up with your army to sign the surrender. stupid stupid rat creature.
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