January 12th, 2005


when sharks attack!

i came home to a girlfriend who'd been reading her old livejournal entries, from back in the recent once upon a time, when i wasn't speaking to her. you can hardly blame a fella (read: blackguard). but she responded to this anti-nostalgia with plenty of affection & hugging & kissing. she was a little drunk, too. then we took a brief dip into the oceans of our passion, or whatever lyrical way you say did the sex. fell into the bed akimbo & kissed until we couldn't breath anymore & then came. then we put on our clothes & went to gravy_puddles apartment. well, i took a shower first.

the thing at lauren's had a big gooey klabooie right at the begining: despite the fact that we all thought it was going to be a new episode of gilmore girls, it wasn't, which put a weird fracture on the scene. anyhow, we played some board games & slummed it. which is cool, right? because lauren lives close, & is cool, & which means it would be cool to have low-expectation hang outs. so maybe thats a good trend to go towards? we ate chips & salsa. but towards the end of the evening, there was this weird kind of polite! like, things were winding down, & i couldn't tell if it was time for shots or time to go home, but every time i tried to figure it out everyone was so non-commital! i felt like i was an intruder of some sort. eventually we did end up leaving, & jenny took pictures of me walking with the umbrella.
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