January 1st, 2005

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allow this troubador to tell his bawdy tale! we arrived in our pumpkin carriage to the upper east side, & found the apartment of sarah's new boy-toy. thats right, we start our lavicious story, our vicious poem, with a nearly fatal trinity. the radiant, the classy jenny, a sparkle, a girl with more grace than a falcon in flight. then there is the ubiquitous mordicai, a glower darkling, ever-grinning, with more quips than a porcupine has barbs. not to mention he's basically the anti-christ. sarah, jenny's bestest friend forever, insists during the party that she & mordicai are the same creature- a not entirely unreasonable hypothesis. least aways they match with self-infatuation, with glamour & with those 4" heels sarah's up in the 6'4" range with mister mordicai. we're introduced to sarah's guy, another film producer. he seems fine? i coach him for a little bit, convincing him to take sarah into the bathroom to examine her breasts. not a bad move if i do say so myself, especially considering afterwords i dragged jenny into the bathroom & convinced her to put my dick in her mouth. so i win. i always win. this is especially important because i remember an email once from my girlfriend, when sarah was in the bathroom giving her then guy andrew a blow job, & jenny sad that it wasn't us. well this time it was, so ha ha ha!

it was a pretty good party, except for the 4 minutes before 12:00 2005. those i tried real hard to wreck for whatever reason. kira, the indomitable chef, the tiniest person at the party & nino, the bleeder, formerly the jersey devil also came along. kira & jenny used to live together- for quite a while actually. i'm the breaker of their solidarity, it turns out, but while i'm off playing dnd on sundays, those girls usually get together & gab. nino & me were maybe equal to each other at some point, in the saga of jenny & kira's romantic life? we were the on again off agains? but thats not really the case anymore, not since the whole prauge debacle. or since the inclusion of us as the permanent boyfriends. so there was a whole five-spot of us hi-jacking the party, playing charades, drinking champagne, pulling off heists, you know. apparently sarah was going to escape with us at the end of the party, but judging by the fact that she's not asleep on our futon, you can tell her boyfriend made it up to her. kira & nino & jenny & i shared a cab ride home, & then jenny & i had some sex. waking up in bed with her naked body is basically great. she's a million kinds of smooth & soft. she is a hull without barnacles, the serpent without scales.

& fuck, on the train ride there? was the guy who looked most like a monkey ever. he was fucking disgusting, with his swinging fatty arms & his giant fucking hands. & he sat there swinging on the hand-rails, like fucking koko, fucking fifi. he was so incredibly like a monkey, i can't even explain. his other friends were apparently busted & terrible too, according to jenny, but i couldn't look away from the missing link. the red haired girl i thought was okay, but apparently if you actually looked at her instead of having her in your peripheral vision, she was a mess too. broke down. they looked like they were french or something! they had a eurotrash kind of dirty about them. but i am pretty sure that kid was from africa, since he was just a shaved gorilla.
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how long can my girlfriend possibly sleep for? she's adorable as a petal, i know, but really! my head is practically caving in out here! & eventually tonight i'm supposed to meet with cortney. i met up with her yesterday during the day. she brought her boy matt over (a different matt) & i showed the two of them the apartment. then we drove over to gowanus-hood to drop off the car & the boy. i suppose i should comment, right? have opinions, thoughts? well, let me put it this way: will there ever be a boy that i think is good enough to date cortney? not to mention my strictly observed opinion that any girl i've ever seen naked should remain chaste forever more. isn't that some sort of law? i'm fairly certain it is; if it isn't, it should be. so cortney & i got on the train & went into the city to meet her friends. so there i was on the train with cortney! i havn't seen her in a year & a half, have i. she came to the airport with me when i left though; sort of a last rites on whatever. or maybe that is the wrong way to put it. sort of to say whatever it was we have or had, it was important. at least, thats what i got out of it. seeing her now is weird; it has the scars of akwardness put there by time & circumstance. but i like her like i like revolvers. like i like ammunition. whatever bungling happened, whatever our relationship should have been & whatever it actually was & is, we're on each others list. probably not the same side, when it comes down to the wire, but that just makes for better copy, doesn't it?

we were supposed to meet at union square, but actually ended up rendezvous-ing with the rest of the folks down on houston. there was angela, who mostly doesn't acknowledge me unless she's been drinking & who works for macsweeny's now (lucky duck). then there was carla, whom i met with cortney in ohio at least once, & likes hart. she lives in williamsburg now. there was also angela's sister, who seemed presentable enough. the girls shopped, i tagged along. cortney kept saying she felt bad, but i knew what i was signing up for. that morning, i was sort of planning on geating with jenny & sarah when jenny had a lunch break, but i was persona non grata with them since they were busy bees working on their corporation stuff. so i ate with the girls at dojos, at carla's suggestion & my firm endorsement. that was pretty much the hi-light, wasn't it? maybe it was the free champagne or the pitcher of kirin, but the meal was pretty un-tense. maybe not doubleplus untense, but it was like i was out for dinner with cortney & her friends. which i was, but it was like the bottom fell out on expectations & entanglements, & we were just chums. which would be pretty swell if it was the case, wouldn't it? & it almost is the case! so i'm going to chalk that up as a win.
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