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So, I hate to be this guy, I really do, but this Daylight Saving Time is really messing me up! I know, right? Who wants to hear somebody complain about Daylight Saving Time; I might was well pen an ode to hating Mondays. Like, congratulations, dweeb. Still, this is a snapshot into my life. Future anthropologists, take note; we had a calendrical abnormality to account for the tilt of the planet, trying to keep our schedule diurnal. Add an hour in the autumn, subtract an hour in the spring. So hurry up, Mordicai, play catch-up with your weekend before you fall even further behind! Alright, on Friday I thought Jenny was going to be able to get out of work early, but she ended up having to stay late, so I finished reading Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind & played some video games. When she got home she was exhausted & hungry, & the food I'd ordered hadn't gotten here, so we stayed up waiting for it, watching 30 Rock & something else, I think? I can't remember. Saturday we babysat Olivia for a bit, I went to the gym, & then we went to go see John Carter. My theory, by the way, for the malicious glee that the media seems to be having over the movie's financial troubles is that it is one big tribal delineation. That is, as geek subjects like comic books & fantasy novels have become mainstream, people are trying to find something to prove they aren't poindexters, they are mainstream, hip & cool! In other words, this is all one big "NERDSSSS!" Anyhow, we got back late from there & still weren't even tired; we might have watched a Daily Show or something?

On Sunday I ran my Oubliette game, which was fun & went a little bit late. I got home & Jenny was still raring to go, & so was I. I pottered around the apartment taking photos of the minis I used in the game & then Jenny & I had a nightcap & watched some of Oddities, the gothy antique store show. I've seen a bunch of episodes on the elliptical machine at the gym; we decided that we really liked the sincerity of Evan. Monday at work was allllll meetings, allllll day, but then afterward, Terra & I walked down from the Flat-Iron to Kit Marlowe & Co. to see fordmadoxfraud who was sick & we couldn't lure out to come adventure with us. We headed to Dojo, which remains one of my favorite restaurants. We were having a nice old time of it-- Terra was a little bit tipsy!-- when these really aggravating people sat next to us. Note: the restaurant was largely empty & the tables were "seat yourself," so these people chose to come over & sit too close to us. & then be super awful. Praying over dinner? Is one thing, but making a spectacle of it so everyone has to notice you praying over dinner? Is theater. & then bragging about your secret passport to go to Israel & how some faith healer prayed over your back & magically healed it? How I hate you, you awful people. Then from there we walked down to Chinatown to Jenny's new office, where we met her boss & her coworkers & then got grilled on how publishing works. Terra went home & Jenny & I watched the "Once Upon a Crime" episode of Castle.

& then yesterday! Yesterday I went to New Jersey with one of my bosses for work, which was actually really fulfilling from a professional point of view. Commuting there in the morning was a stress-bubble, since figuring out a bunch of new trains was nerve wracking. World Trade Center to Newark was actually really easy; New Jersey Transit was a little confusing. During the commute I read the Mindy Kaling book so I didn't mind it. We ate lunch at a diner in New Jersey & I had a spectacularly bad Monte Cristo; just a reheated chicken breast on a piece of grocery store flatbread with cheddar cheese melted on top. Got home a little bit early, & then played GoldenEye. Jenny came home "early" & made dinner & then we watched Parks & Recreation, Cougar Town & The New Girl. A word: Cougar Town is really under-rated. I didn't know it was made by the Scrubs guy; watching him spoof himself was funny. & The New Girl; here is the thing. I want to see Zooey Deschanel in interviews being like "yeah, I'm a twee hipster. I know that isn't popular, but I don't care what you think." & then, bang, I'm on her team. That really is like, the plot of the sitcom-- maybe you are a "quirky" girl, or maybe you are a "douchey" guy, so what, if that is your thing, that is your thing. I think Zooey Deschanel has a chance to be like, the Helena Bonham Carter. "Oh, is being gothy last season? I don't care!" Only with, you know, her manic pixie dreamgirl. You own that, girl, dang.
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