December 17th, 2004

modern nazgul

the madman cried passionately at his daughter's wedding.

The boy's head came off with surprising ease. Theodore Roosevelt Who Is Called Apollyon was smug, snug, secure in his power & majesty, until he looked inside what he'd wrenched off. Gillick's head was full of all the swarming, seething things that dwelt in the sunless places of the world. The scuttling lobstrosities of the ocean's sulpher vents, the eyeless daddy-long-legs of the hollow earth, a mother spider the colour of glass whose back teemed with young. The Emperor gazed full into this eye of the abyss & it stared right back at him & Theo blinked first. Full of the knowledge of what he would he would be asked to do, of the melted shadows soon to come, Gillick smiled with a simple glee as Emperor Apollyon screwed his head back on. He had been given a black balloon to tie around his wrist, & he tugged it back down & hugged it close to his small chest, his brutal heart straining against the shroud of flesh.
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goblin sneak

the hungry theif (a parable): THAT FOOL GOT SHOT!

ghosted out work an hour early yesterday, since i wisped in like a wraith an hour early. lo i can, annointed with crissom, to the place of the god-thing claws, where i honored that crimson god's relentless hunger by participating in Commerce. then, that grave avatar of winter appeased (lest he plauge me with a rash of unsightly time travel) fordmadoxfraud & i went to his apartment where special agent dale cooper watched a dwarf dance & we watched the level on a bottle get lower. i never eat egg foo young, it is against my better principals, & yet! it was eaten, its bones were broken & we sucked out the marrow. & then, avaunt home! upon a-lighting at my stoop, i saw the night enfleshed, broke its bones, & sucked out the morrow. & yet here i am! always frustrated, this "no more tommorows" agenda of mine. o lonely soldier! i stand between the shadow & the light & i seek to snuff that light forever. cut the wick & stain all our yesterday with the ink of no more forevers. all the sky opaque!
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    crown me king- drunk on drinks from star trek